this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.

there's this hill...

college really does steal one's soul. anyway, i've been trying to get some drawings done since i'll be home next week (easter and all) and i figure i could color and post some pictures. hopefully you look forward to it and stuff...
also, i've been writing a new story. i don't think i'll post it here, because it won't fall into bossman's paramaters for 'appropriate' :x
so i'll link to it when i do finally decide to post it to fanworks.

wisconsin's only anime convention is coming up soon, in like, four weeks, i think. luckily for me, it happens in the town where i go to school so i lucked out and won't have a problem getting there, and i get to room with a bunch of my good friends who go to different schools. it'll be nice to be able to catch up with them for awhile. also, a friend of mine and i are trying to figure out a simple cosplay to do, since we're silly and creative like that. any suggestions? keep in mind we have limited funds and only, technically, three weeks to pull it together.

does anyone know where i can download full maximum the hormone cds?
i've got a sudden thing for them. :o

EDIT: also, just noticed theO's april fool's joke. /applause. good one, really. i laughed pretty hard. :D