this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.


it seems like the end of c.i. will be postponed.
i've thought of a new [read "better"> end that requires much more development, so you'll have to wait awhile for the end. that's good news for you though, seeing as i just, literally seconds ago, uploaded three new chapters both here and at

it's exciting for me.

also, after is coming along just fine, there might be a teaser paragraph for that in the next few days.

it's all up in the air.

h'okay so,

i updated fanart a few days ago, AND if you read C.I. [you know, that fanfiction i'm writing] i have some important news coming up in about two seconds.

right now [i'm taking a break from it], i'm writing the last chapters for capricious idiosyncrasy.
ohmygod, that's right. it's almost over. it's a little depressing for me, and i hope to make the ending worthy of the story, so they probably won't be posted for a few more days since i'll more than likey go back edit some parts to make it the best ending i can.

also, i'll be making a new world/editing ci's page to make it a homepage for another story i'm writing that isn't a fanfiction, but i think people will like it. i'm not 100% positive i'll post it, but the chances are looking good. :]

anyway, that's what i had to report, hopefully you're looking forward to the end of c.i. [but are still a little sad because it's ending]



/start rant

so i was half-heartedly reading through the new member introductions a few minutes ago when i realized something.

the good majority of those who posted an introduction either can't spell or choose the most loathsome route of chatspeaking. i will say that there were maybe one or two who were foreign [english is a second language] and i can forgive them.
but really.
i think it's horrible how so many people are too lazy to fucking spell out their words and opt to just type like a douchebag.

this is just me being whiney and picky and probably showing my age, but i mean honestly. when the time comes for you to fill out job applications and write college essays will you be wrtiing them all with garishly misspelled words and sickening abbreviations?

i hope to the higher being not.
seriously. improve your keyboard skills. learn to type like a fucking adult, and quit it with the goddamn exclamation points.

like i said, this is probably just me showing my age. i'm nearly 20, just got done with my first year of college and was a late bloomer on the internet scene, meaning i never had to learn the 'chatspeak' and did just fine with typing out ever word so that no one was ever confused as to what i was writing.

kids these days.

/end rant

there is a convention in my near and immediate future.

i was just looking at my subscribers.
i'm still ridiculously honored that bossman follows me...
ahahaha hero worship, much.

so yeah, i have not updated.

however, i am going to nobrand con in eau claire this weekend, and i'm pretty stoked. i promise to take lots of pictures and report on the panels and events that i manage to get to.
what sort of things would you be interested in hearing about?




[nelf hunter, lvl 27, lol]

yay nerdiness.

11:15, and edits to do

i am such a procrastinator.

anyway, so much person blah blah drama drama has put me in a weird mood and karma has such a great way of throwing the worst scenes in front of me, so all i can do is think about him.
(yeah, if you don't get it, i broke up with, for lack of a better word. it's a long story. don't sweat it too much)

but whatever!
i'm better now, and done crying over it, and so i can focus on the fun things. like, writing. and drawing. and school.

which reminds me, i have edits to do for english.


i should get to work on those, eh?
look for new fanart this weekend!