this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.

since when did animals have to wear clothes?

i'm sort of annoyed.

i posted two pieces of art earlier, and just minutes ago i was notified that they were removed due to...nudity.


well, i'll own up straight away and say yeah, the characters portrayed in the pieces were in fact completely naked. however, i think there's some things you have to take into consideration.
those characters are animals personified and you couldn't see anything. NOTHING.
they were both of the male persuasion and no genitalia were visible. my goodness, theO, are we so concerned about scarring young minds now that a bare male chest is too much for everyone? my images were pg-13, which, by my understanding, was the limit adam set for pretty much everything.
and as i said, they are animals personified. last time i checked, animals didn't wear clothes. in art, there's something called tasteful nudity; nudity for a reason. i'm not going to clothe the animals because that changes the spirit of the characters. they are wild animals living, you guessed it, in the wild.

i'm sorry, i just think it is so ridiculous that my relatively tame images were taken down when i've seen plenty of nudity that is nigh the same if not more than what i had. i think i'll go around and report every bare chested man and scantily clad woman i come across...

i don't care what terms i was breaking. i've seen my fair share of unreported art that violates SO many rules, and i think this site is pretty much turning to a flaming pile of bullshit.

you can all go fuck yourselves.

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you can't stop true love.

you are my girl tonight, i am your boy tonight.

come on a monday,
come on a tuesday,
they'll never know.
pop off a cork for wednesday,
play with me thursday,
but you'll always be his girl
his girl friday.

also, i am gerald 'gerald ford' ford, according to my friend brandon.
i don't remember that, but danni does?



ever since dawn, ever since when

don't you just...hate it...when you sort of...reconnect with people...and you finally realize...that you have feelings for them...

i'm not a fan...personally.

damn it all to hell.

the title of that blog is relevant.

seconds before this screen popped up, i was rubbing my eyes and whining about how i have 'nothing to say' to my empty house.

i think...i need to get a life.
or update my other [new] blog over at go check it out, if you'd rather hear about real things going on in my life told to you in the writing style that is almost exactly matching to the way i talk.

that didn't make any sense...

lord knows you can't get enough of those

i suppose it's only fair you know what's going on.


finishing projects,
starting one or two new ones.
nothing too fabulous, nothing out of the ordinary.

check out the fan art.
new one was posted about fifteen minutes ago.