this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.

i take advice from people i don't know

let it go.
this too shall pass.

if you've never listened to ok go,
now would be the time to start.

steady as she goes

dearest krissy, myself four years ago.
please listen to what i have to say.

four years is a long time, and a lot happens in the time between then and now.

part of the fun of growing up is not knowing what sort of obstacles you're going to be presented with, but also part of the experience is the difficulty of those obstacles that you face.

some will be personal.
some will involve others.
some will be painful for you.
some will test your faith in yourself.

the important thing to remember is that all of the obstacles you will face will be learning experiences. no matter how bad things get, no matter the outcome, you must remember to walk away knowing you learned something. you grew as a person because of what you experienced and therefore you are more prepared to take on the things that come to you later on in life.

i know this is so vague, and i know that that will annoy you. but as i said, half the fun is the surprise, so please forgive me. however, i will tell you some things to keep in mind, things that might give you just enough forewarning.

don't waste your time being bitter. it won't do you any good.
don't change for anyone, and don't let anyone do the changes for you.
don't give up on yourself, even if all avenues are bleak.
have some faith in others. most of the time, they won't let you down.
appreciate your friends. remind them that you love them. make sure they know it.
learn everything and learn it in context. apply it and don't waste it.
forgive but don't forget. but also don't hold it against them. allow them the chance to prove themselves wrong.

and i feel this is most important, so please remember this if nothing else:

don't be afraid of change.

i know that you don't much like it, but it's not always a bad thing. sometimes, without realizing it, you need the change more than you know. allowing things to happen as they will will let you find that you can come to terms with what you percieve to be negative change much easier than if you fight it.

please take these words to heart. i know that, at the point you're at currently, you might not realize what you're in for, but i promise you it will be a grand adventure. you just need to know that obstacles are there for a reason, heartbreak isn't permanent, and you are stronger than you think.

most sincerely,
krissy, myself as i am now.

swingers parties in central wisco

find yourself a girl and settle down.
live a simple life in a quiet town.

i got my grandfather's class ring today.
it makes me sad to wear it, but even more
sad not to. i miss him.

i'm going back to my tumblr now.

good morning.

last night, bits of my world crumbled and were destroyed.

my grandfather has entered the last stage of his life. we are watching him die.

i was kicked out of my university, and now i will not be returning to get schooling there.

this morning, i woke up and decided that while things have changed, i am not one to lay down and accept it. there are things i can't help, but are things that i can.

here it goes.

looking ahead.

i hope you all have a wonderful new year's eve.
i hope it's the sort of night that allows you to start the new year on a good note.

everyone does one of those 'let's look back on the year and remember all of the good and/or bad times we had'.
i'd rather not.
of course a lot of good thing happened to me.
a lot of not so good things happened too.
i've already dwelt upon those events, considered their importance in the big scheme of things and now i'm ready to let them rest behind me. i'm ready to look forward to what the next year is bringing me, what new adventures i'll have, the new people i'll meet, the new experiences i'll get to have. the past builds us up to what we are in the moment, but it doesn't really do any good to focus on the past. hindsight is 20-20. i think it's more important to be looking ahead.
be mindful of what's to come.
this doesn't mean assume you know, just prepare yourself for what may or may not happen. which is everything.
accept what is coming with open mind, heart, and arms.
know that life isn't perfect, it isn't fair, it's beautiful and mysterious and perfect in it's own way.
i've never, personally, felt more at peace with myself and the changes that are coming. i hope you all can feel this way too, someday.