this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.

have i ever told you about wallace?

he's a fish i got a few months ago. some kids won him from a crappy carnival game but was unwanted so he was thrown out of a car during my town's summer festival thing and so i saved him and somehow he's still alive. he's a nifty little critter.

also, if you don't mind boobies and strange concept art, head over to my deviant art to see some new work that couldn't be posted here (and one i was too lazy to post here). okay thanks.

place i'd like to visit someday: prypiat

so i watched chernobyl diaries tonight and i'm all kinds of awake and working on things and felt it so necessary to share what i'm listening to while i work on contest art and other art things and life and stuff so here's song one on the work playlist:

(i would have given you the official video but it's really pretty nsfw, ugh)

so here's the thing

i read an article once that said some scientists with waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands did a study to determine what part of the body offers the most nuerological satisfaction to scratch at/feels the best when you scratch at it. the study found that it was the lower leg/ankle.

i respectfully disagree.

it's the top of the foot.

that is all.

we HAVE to go BACK

wall-e is playing on television right now and i keep repeating dialogue in an overly dramatic voice in an attempt to win my cat's admiration.
it's not working.

so um yes otherwise i've decided that i should have called off work today because lordy i did not want to go in this morning and lordy almighty i don't want to go to the other one tonight. i hate this 'grown up' thing that i've started. it was a bad idea, just like that fifth cocktail.

and that's it. i know you probably don't care about the menial details of my life and i don't know why i posted this drivel in the first place. sorry sorry sorry.


oh, duh, now i remember what i was going to say. that 'we HAVE to go BACK' line from wall-e made me think of candle cove, you know, 'you HAVE to go INSIDE'.


i leave you with a picture of my backyard.

(not really)

holy mother of poopsicles

i was just le checking out all of my super lame posts from the old blog service here on the o... i was such a weird ass kid.
i mean, i grew up into a weird ass adult, but whatever.
did you guys know i've been on this site for over eight years? yowza. can i get a special title or something? old geezer otaku or some shit?
(yeah, i want my title to be 'some shit'. awesome. adam, make it happen, kthanks)