this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.

why adam is a nice person; an essay

because he cares when someone posts something that could be construed as scary and a not good situation even tho the person who posted it was stupid and forgot to write her fucking disclaimer saying that nothing should be construed as scary or a not good situation since it's all fiction SORRY ADAM I REALLY AM.

the end.



i have to finish one more piece to finish out that silly little art challenge thing i did a week or so back. (ps i'm sorry to the person whose art i haven't finished, you just caught me at a really weird time in my life, i'll get it done asap)

as soon as it's done, though, i think i'll do another round of the same challenge, since that was actually pretty fun. i promise i'll think of better prizes next time tho.


and this is why i love the wikipedia

i got from andre the giant to hieronymus bosch in three clicks.


(also, if you don't know who either of those people are, DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE ON YOURSELF.)

you know what i like, you guys?

watching women flounce around in fancy undies and costumes. me gusta the victoria's secret fashion show. meeee freeeeakinnn guuustaaa.

and don't get me wrong, i love penis and all, but women's forms are just so appealing, you know? there's a certain grace and beauty to a woman's curves that men's linear bodies don't have. not that a male form is unattractive, they're just attractive in a very different way.

but yeah.




this is what i'm listening to:

actually i was listening to ni**as in paris but that's just straight up not appropriate, ya knooowww?

also i have a funny story about umc remind me to tell it to you guys sometime.

trust, you better respect

the fact that i just baked a motherfucking pie from scratch. if you don't know what that means, set yourself down, i'm about to drop knowledge on you.

well really i just made my own crust, which is arguably the most difficult part of pie-making, due to how quickly you're supposed to mix the stuff and how thin you have to roll it out.

and i can't say that it's really a success either, since it's still baking and i'm not sure if it'll turn out taste-wise. here's to hoping!

oh, also i'm working on art for the contest. thanks to erryone who's entered so far. i appreciate it. you're awesome. your characters are awesome. i love you. okay.

here's what i'm listening to!

have i ever told you about wallace?

he's a fish i got a few months ago. some kids won him from a crappy carnival game but was unwanted so he was thrown out of a car during my town's summer festival thing and so i saved him and somehow he's still alive. he's a nifty little critter.

also, if you don't mind boobies and strange concept art, head over to my deviant art to see some new work that couldn't be posted here (and one i was too lazy to post here). okay thanks.