this show contains graphic depictions of actual crime scenes. veiwer discretion is advised.

i finished shingeki no kyojin today

this was my face for most of it:

you learn a lot about yourself, watching anime.

i learned that i really have a hard time with images of people getting eaten by giant, people looking creatures. it just makes me sick to my stomach.

but i got through it! and it was so good. so dang good. i'm excited to read the manga and for season 2 to come out (whenever that may be).

lmao ayyyyy

omg well i'm not dead. there's that. i completely forgot about this site tbh tho but maybe i'll come back and post some stuff again? idk. i mean shoot, a lot of stuff changed since the last time i posted (i think). deffo cray. hm yeah alright still so i'm gonna leave a link to my tumblr right there. i mean right there so click it and follow me and we can be friends there too! okay here's some sweet jams to twerk to:

i went and checked and 5/17 of this year will be my 10 year anniversary on this site. AAAAAAAAHHHASDJFASDJFSAHDJFAH.

do she got a booty?

she doooooo


so i started a second round of my free art challenge and everyone should enter it and make me do work forever. okay go.

but i'll be away for the next three days, so i won't get anything finished but i'd love to be floored by having a butt-load of submissions for when i get back on friday afternoon.

make it happen, kids!!

trust me when i say i'm listening to the better version, but ehhhh.

why adam is a nice person; an essay

because he cares when someone posts something that could be construed as scary and a not good situation even tho the person who posted it was stupid and forgot to write her fucking disclaimer saying that nothing should be construed as scary or a not good situation since it's all fiction SORRY ADAM I REALLY AM.

the end.



i have to finish one more piece to finish out that silly little art challenge thing i did a week or so back. (ps i'm sorry to the person whose art i haven't finished, you just caught me at a really weird time in my life, i'll get it done asap)

as soon as it's done, though, i think i'll do another round of the same challenge, since that was actually pretty fun. i promise i'll think of better prizes next time tho.