Life's not all its cracked up to be. -.-'

Sigh... I dont mean to rant on about my life, but I cant help it. (Sorry ^^;) My bastard of a dad won't leave me the hell alone. He keeps asking if I'm pregnant, and if I've breaken up with my boyfriend yet. And he never listens to a word i say. For example I've told him over and over again that I HATE the Twilight Saga, but he goes off and tells everyone I love it, and when I tell him I hate it, then he says. 'Oh I thought you loved it.' -.-' Its like seriously? You cant pay attention to your own daughter? He drinks (He gets drunk EVERY time i'm there. UGH! -___-) And he smokes. ( I have asthma. ._.)And he gets pissed every time I have to stay home instead of going over there. (He got so pissed one time, that he said I was staying the WHOLE SUMMER there...) What should I do?