What happen in my pants?

My playlist consist of 25o Japanese (Anime) song and only 5 English song. XD

Put your playlist on shuffle.
◦When you get your song title, add "in my pants" after the song.
◦Do this 20 times.

01. Calling you in my pants. (XD WAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! 'Come here.' XD )
02. Style in my pants. (Ohh~ Inside looks? WAHAHAH~ XDD)
03. Sign of Love in my pants. (*insert whut-da-hell look here* XD What kind of sign of love can be found in my pants?)
04. Ray of Light in my pants. (OH HECK!! WHAT DA????? LIGHT?)
05. Stigma in my pants. (Branding mark in my pants. Wahahahha!!!!!)
06. Kaze no Tani no nausicca in my pants. (Forgive me Hayao Miyazaki..*bows* I think that means I stole the anime and hid it in my pants. XD)
07. Luna Piena in my pants. (Full Moon view available in my pants. XD *is shot*)
08. Carnation in my pants. (Does it have a good scent? >8D)
09. Shishou Densha in my pants. (Well, in my 'translation, Shishou Densha means 'Teacher of war'...if I used that translation, then, who the heck is in my pant?? D<)
10. Kimi Monogatari in my pants. (How come?? D: You can have your tale in my pants!!!)
11. Hakou (Light on the Waves) in my pants. (How come it's in my pants? D8)
12. Sleeping Priestess in my pants. (=.= Oh no..the ghost is in my pants......)
13. Twilight Star in my pants. (XD I bet it's bright.)
14. Black Rock Shooter in my pants. (D8 I'm totally dead...)
15. Sekae wo warae in my pants. (Why are the world so happy in my pants? ==,)
16. Open your eyes in my pants. (No, keep it close!)
17. Every time you kissed me in my pants. (This is getting weirder and weird. Which weird is the understatement of the year. 8O)
18. Friends in my pants. (Um...friends. In my pants. :P)
19. Michi~ to you all in my pants. (Oh. What?)
20. Mata Aimashou in my pants. (see you again in my pants? :D)

Wahahah! That was fun!!!! Good thing i got mostly song with English Title!!!!! XD
I tag you, yes YOU, who read this meme in my pants. XD