If anyone has facebook, you should add me so we can talk on there too.


I am having a little trouble at school, so I am trying to move to a different school. It'll be hard because the school district I live in, I have been going all my life, and now I am about to change everything. If anyone has moved to a different school when they went to a school all their lives and changed schools, can anyone tell me how it felt? I am nervous to change schools.


I really want someone I could talk to. I am really sad right now. I miss talking to my boyfriend. I am hoping he could get back on here soon! I feel really sick and I hurt my ankle that I should be in hospital. I am hoping to make more friends


HEY!!! I am back from the break. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a great new year. June 23, 2012 I will turn 18

Christmas Break

I just want everyone to know that I start Christmas break in 2 days. I wont be on till i go back to school. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!