alice the eighth doll of rozen maiden (no pic btw)

name: alice

number: eight

era: late victorian/ post world war one

allies: hinaichigo, kanaria

powers: silver chains used as whips and bindings, animated stuffed toy fox, ability to animate inanimate objects.

medium: sakurada nori
alice's maidens/knights made so far: adonis, equi & nox, auror, ma, rags, broken dream, the cat, moon.

adonis: male. alice's first knight made. childish, picky, honest, modest, morally correct, innocent, trust worthy.

equi & nox: twins. equi girl, nox boy. equi: fair, polite, undecided, shy, lighthearted, selfconcious. nox: strong headed, rude, loud, noisy, brave, bashfull, messy, unbalanced, pure intentions.

auror: girl. weak, foolish, makes bad desicions(?), crazy, unpredictable, tidy, somewhat of a big sister to equi and nox.

ma: gender unknown. unisex hair cut, only alice can tell which gender ma is. quiet, tense, moody, stubborn, anti-social, sociopathic, similar inferiority complex to suigintou, snappy, heavy footed.

rags: girl. a cracked early attempt to animate a proper doll. bubbly, funny, bouncy, over active, hyper active, excitable, happy, naive, hardy.

broken dream: girl. a doll that alice made in the n-field. only allowed to exist in the n-field. shy, passive, resistant, resiliant, distant.

the cat: male. a cat stuffed toy that alice made for her maidens/knights to keep company. the cat has no personality as he never quite came alive. he can move and talk but has no emotions or feelings.

moon: male. a doll that smashed within moments of animation, by suiseseki.

alice's history:
found in germany as the rise of nazism was becoming a social trend. she belonged to a jewish girl and kept her safe through out the nazi occupation of germany. when the russians invaded on the eastern front she pointed them towards german soldiers that where hiding out in a bunker nearby. she then became fond of helping the aliied forces because of what had happened to her mediums family. her medium was then saved by british soldiers and she moved to the alps. eventually her contract ran out and she went back in time and was the young princess anastasia's doll. when the revolution arrived she went missing and awoke in poland. she made a contract with a woman named anya and learnt about what happened to the tsars. she then animated the woman's daughter's stuffed toy fox. when she went to sleep in her box she wound down with the key locked inside the box with her and was lost untill jun comes across a website selling a sleeping doll in a black box. shinku then realised that it was another doll of the rozen maidens. nori ordered her and became her medium. during her time in the sakurada's house she befriended hinaichigo and kanaria. when she first met suigintou, suigintou stepped on her hair meaning that she activated her chains. she then wrapped suiginto up and escaped into the n-field through a pocket watch from princess anastasia, causing her older sisters to wind down simultaineously. luckily jun, nori and megu managed to wind them all back up before laplace no ma tried to steal them.


ok, ok! boom here! i've got some OC's and i wanna tell you about them!

pumpkin head: one of my doodle monsters. original idea had her with wings and short claws but no tail. then modified to wings, short claws and tail then just no wings and long claws.

kaboom: a happy go lucky girl with dark blue hair and a chilled attitude, she likes to climb trees and start fires. she is highly tempramental though, when she gets annoyed she will lash out and attack people.

alice: the eighth doll of rozen maiden. highly critisices everyone. she has a mutual agreement with shinku, souseseki and suigintou. they all acknoledge her as the best doll. she has a tendancy to team up with the weaker dolls and protect them. particularly hinaichigo and kanaria. she nearly killed her older sisters when she entered the n-field through a pocket watch. she fights using a stuffed toy fox named nibble and silver chains. her colour is reddish brown, her hair colour is black and is the longest out of all her sisters' and her eye colour is amber. she enjoy kanaria's music and intelectual tendancies, she enhoys being around hinaichigo because of her optimisism and dedicatedness. she sometimes creates other dolls named alice's maidens and alice's knights. these last untill suiseseski has a tantrum and breaks them.

ruby: a teenage pokemon expert, she prefers dark and fire types. her first pokemon was a riolu that she found injured and nursed back to health. inturn the riolu taught her how to fight. ruby is very deliberate over how she moves in caves, she still has her riolu, now a lucario, on her team to keep her safe. she beat ash easily, and sent out her houndoom to fight his pikachu. he asked that she teached him to be so good and she refused because she wanted to learn how to breed pokemon from brock.