Yo there skeletons and corpses! Welcome to Bonez15's Jazz Club. Here you can join, create a dead guy, go to missions, meet the gang from Corpse Bride, and have fun.

Name/Nickname/Username/Job at Club
Raoul "The Corpse Bride's Best Man"-Bonez15~Leader
Avani "Drive me Batty Girl-Sasukelover001~Co-Leader

Mai "The dumb red head"-littlepooch~Dancer
Corolette "Don't Touch That"-DeidaraNarutoClan~???

To be in the club, one must create a character. You can either be dead and work in the club or be alive but somehow get dragged in the club. Here is the profile you would have to do in order to join:

Dead or Alive:
How you died or How you came to the Club:
Nickname given:

Have fun!^^


So cute!!!

"Mai, this is Coro." I lifted up my tail so Mai could see Coro.

"Awwww, you are so cute!" Mai said trying to hug Coro, but then her leg fell off and she chased after them. I sighed.

"So where is guy taking Coro?" Coro asked in third person.

"To the park..." I smiled. As I went through the dead park, many corpses gasped and awed at Coro, saying if she was my little sister... Little did I know that someone was following me...


Sorry if it's this short....-_-'

Let's see

Another day... and I'm still lonely

I clutched my teddy bear in my arms and looked out the window, seeing another one of us getting adopted into a home. I looked down at my bear and hugged him. "At least I have you teddy..."

I slid onto the hard, splintered floor and walked down the stairs. Some of the other kids were outside so I went out to go play. I held my teddy but found a ball. I sat my teddy down on the steps and bounced the ball. I smiled about how far it went up when it bounced so I kept repeating what I was doing but the ball hit the wall and bounced far into the woods. I looked after it and then picked up my teddy bear, hurrying after it.

Once I got into the woods, I noticed that it was really dark... I looked around for the ball and found it quick, but I looked through the woods and it looked more fun. I set the ball back down and started playing throughout the woods. I was mostly playing pretend though since the woods looked like they played the part of where fairies lived.

As I skipped around, smiling and having fun, I accidently tripped over a tree root and tumbled down the hill, deeper into the woods. I got up off the floor and brushed my dress and teddy off. I had a few cuts on my knee but they didn't looked serious. I was about to walk back up the hill but then I looked at the inside of a tree. It was dark but it looked inviting... "Maybe just a little peek..."

I held my bear with my teeth and then crawled into the tree. To my surprise, it was a deeper tree than what it looked like. The pathway was long... and there was an opening at the end of it. I finally crawled up, brushing the dirt off me again and then went back to holding my bear. It looked different though... There was a town on the other side.

I walked over to it and looked around. I didn't know anyone in the town and they were mostly the color blue or had some white sticks sticking out of their legs. And whenever I pulled it, they fell down so they must've used this stick to help their injured leg.

I sat down on something and looked over to see two people. I tilted my head a little. There seemed to be something different about them. I got up and decided to walk over to them.

---I'm going to stop it here because I don't want to basically repeat the entire post that was put previously---

-Continue please?

Little Girl

I walked away from the club when Bonejangles followed me.

"It's okay Best Man, things will turn up," He reassured me. Then he looked to the side, "Who's the girl with the teddy bear?"

"Huh? Are you drunk again?" I asked. We haven't seen living people since Bonejangles mentioned a Victor person almost marrying my sister.

"Maybe, but look at her." He pointed to a blonde girl with a brown teddy bear. I walked up to the girl and smiled.

"Hello little- WAAAAAHHH!" I fell down. The girl was holding my bone leg in her hands.

"Why do people fall down when I take this stick away?" She asked. I was growling but then I sighed.

"Ummm, where did you come from?"

"I'm Coro and I was playing in the forest when I found this place. I heard nice music so I decided to come here. Ooh, what a cute tail you got!" Coro jmped on my crocodile tail and rode it. Since it was going to be a full moon tonight, I am going to turn into my beast form. I dragged the girl into the club where Avani was standing.

"Laugh, I dare you to laugh!" I glared. Avani was giggling. Coro didn't understand.

"Don't worry, Baby-doll! The Best Man would take care of you. Now if you excuse me, I have a show to do." Bonejangles left.

"Wait a minute, you're leaving me with this kid!?" I yelled, but he was gone. I lifted my tail up to see the girl.

"Let me introduce you to Mai and the others, then we talk...." I showed a small smile.

~Someone please continue

I dream of Dancing

I skipped down the path that lead to the new club. My big brother said I should get out of the house more. He's so caring!

When I was still living I always wanted to be a dancer! And since this club is hiring I should try!

*sigh* but it was nicer when I was living....

I was skipping(again) down the street going home after another addition to be a dancer. I thought it went well! They did not show any emotion but they have to right? I mean if they did the other people trying out would be jealous of me!

"Can I go across the street now?" I asked the man standing there.

"I wouldn't. There are horses going by. Why don't you wait until they stop."

"I bet I can beet them and get over safely!" I started to run...Then I tripped and.....

I shook my head not wanting to remember stuff like that.

"OH! The club!!! Ha! I told them I wouldn't get lost!" I started running and pushed through the doors and fell.

I looked up to see a corps staring down at me.

"HI! I'm Mai! I want to be a dancer!!!" I got up and tumbled over again. This time my head falling off.

"Whops! Let me just..Er...THIS WAY! NO! WRONG WAY!!!! I MENT-NO!"

After about 5 minuets of chasing my head around the club I went back over to him.

"So can I be a dancer?"

he sighed. "Just don't knock any thing over..." He got up and walked away.

"YAY!" I jumped up and down knocking my head off again.

I hope that was good! :)

First Mission and The start of the Club

I was waiting at the Oak tree at 6 o' clock in the morning. I had my father's tux and I was waiting for my sister and her fiancee to come. I was late but I was thrilled with excitement. My heart pulsed so loud as I turned to the tree. My sister laid there dead. Then My back was stabbed and everything went black...


I woke up from my coffin and yawned. That was the fifth nightmare I had in days. My skeletal arms ached when I streched but that wasn't as bad as when I died...

"Hey, wake up best man!" Bonejangles yelled. I grunted.

"So did all the skeletons finished building the club?" I asked.

"Yes. But we need more corpses and other dead people to work here..." The skeleton with the bowler hat answered, "So for the first new arrivals, you would have to hire them."

"Sure... The first arrivals I see I'll hire." I looked and first a red headed skeleton tumbled on the floor. My eyes bugged out. I wonder what's next....


Okay someone please write about how you died or how you came to the club now. Also for your first mission, I need ideas for a song for the club. Thanks and have fun.