Oops... My mistake...

I forgot to post the twists! Oh noes!

Oh well.... here they are...

1) Someone dies, but aren't supposed to.

2) Two people become friends, but one for the wrong reason.
Last but not least...
3) Two friends end up in a fight over what is right.

My Current Situation

Oks, so there I was, sitting and typing with no inspiration but the music I was listening too (Diary Of Jane - Breaking Benjamin) and I come up with this sudden brilliant story! It makes me happy.

But the only problem is I don't know which of the 3 plot twists to use,2 that I made, 1 that my WONDERFUL mom created. But I CAN'T decide!!!! AHHH!!!! It's driving me, literally up the wall.

Here they are, and I want your help to pick one.

Heres the twist to that....

I'm not going to tell you what they are.

Have fun picking one, or making your own, even though you don't know the story.... yet.