Helloo! :D

Welcome to my little world! You can call me Myth. Well what to say?? I love fantasy, music, friends and drawing. Hmm yeah I can't think of anything else. Here's some general stuff about me and if you have any questions go ahead and shoot! And yes this page looks quite empty. I intend to change that xD

Name: Myth
Gender: Female
Interests: drawing, friends, music, photography, nature, animals, randomness
Genre: Fantasy <333

Fav stuff:
Color: Blue
Anime: Naruto, Death Note, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Avatar the last Airbender, Hikaru no Go, Air Gear
Movies: Lord of the Rings & Avatar
Drawing style: realism probably
Writer: Steven Erikson

New avatar :D

I was really inspired by Pan's avatars, especially the moving avatars. Check them out! ClICKY

I just had to make one of my own:
External Image

Photoshop wouldn't let me save the file properly in gif format so Pan helped me with this and also made the text better. Thanks! :D

Random questions:
1.Pear, orange or apple?
2. Black or white stripes?
3. Traditional, digital or both?
4. Realism or anime?
5. Letters or numbers?

Any random questions for me? X3


Whoop :P


This year I'm going to focus on line art and traditional work. Last year I got annoyed and frustrated because I focused too much on the result instead of simply drawing and having fun. That's why I'm going to upload sketches and drawings that I usually wouldn't submit or even draw. Simply lots of stuff which is not necessarily a full drawing :)

Hmm don't know what else to say, nothing really interested happened x)