Welcome to Wolfie's Rants I promise its worth the howl.

I'm going to be ranting about things like crazy, it might be a carry on from >Kawaii-Desu Wolfie< my other world. >w>

My picture Blah!

Another picture of me but I took this with my cell. P:

My phone takes amazing photos. This is CJ.

This is Cj, He is my boyfriend as of now. <3 I lovers him. Yes Yes.

After the handstitching :DDD

Yes thats my ugly face and my fiancee's hoodie. Its a customized Raichu hoodie that he about had a orgasm over. Its pretty sweet if I say so myself. I'm going to wear it through Walmart tomorrow to see if anyone wants one. hahaha.

Hoodies for Sale

Alright I'm doing customized hoodies for 80$ without materials. 30$ in Advance for Materials. ^w^;

If you send a hoodie I knock my price down to 35$ for Materials and my pay. ^w^; Brownie points if we do a trade or something I'll knock it down more.

But I do hand customizing. Ironing on, Hand stitching and sewing. ^w^; Everything but the hoodie is done by myself. =3

^ before Hand stitching and ect.


Raichu.. This was made for my boyfriend... :DDD Buut Im doing them for erhm... Well.. 50$ for just the work.. 30$ in advance for the materials. ^w^;
Yes that is my ugly face.. DX

Merf haha