Aaronzander ;3 as A child as Told by Aaronzander :D

Notes:Little Blue will tell her side tooo!;3 because I'm niiiice if you can't read the writing tell meeeee!this is after a year with Blue.

Blue had grown into a woman in short time I was sixteen not old enough to control hormones but I am but not good really.Blue always ran around now the men always stared at her even if I went around with her with shades on to protect my eyes.Blue needed a bra for the most part because it was bothering me I was about to have a break down and have a shopping spree!actually I broke down and took Blue to a shop buying her everything she would ever need.And needs by the scent of it....well I'm sorry I'm a vampire and have good scent!its her fault...Whoops off track there Blue got a long baby blue Victorian dress now because dresses really bother me unless they're super long.Blue ran off quickly once we left the store with a piece of candy and a back pack with her piece of candy in her mouth she said"I WOVE YOU AARONYYYY!!!" I looked at Blue she nicknamed me...she nicknamed me Aarony reminds me of a word but I'm not sure you all want to hear it.Actually I know you don't if you do too bad.Blue was still barefoot because I couldn't afford shoes....hell I barely could afford Blue's shiz.Shes high class she says well fudge high class then I don't need to go buying candy every freaking day!She said I would which honestly if she asked for candy I'd get her candy..I'd even bow down and say"Yes my majesty" god I'm so in love with her if only she knew.


When Aaronzander found me I was just a little girl soon I grew to a woman says Aarony!Aarony named me Blue because I had no name.During our friendship I started loving him dearly I put him through so much I feel sorry for him I do I wish I could do something for him.I want him to feel how I feel.I mean I did get thrown over into a river while I was with Aaronzander which he beat the shiz out of that dude then jumped in the river and saved me Unfortunately my Teddy bear died that day I cried and cried into Aaronzander's chest when he just held me in his arms whispering"Blue hush now baby don't cry please I hate to see you cry" I always looked at him when he said Blue or Baby because he used to call me Baby Blue because he liked the colour Baby Blue which was my eye colour.Aaronzander treated me so well I was sad to say soon I'd have to say good bye I have a family now in this place in the place we came to.They want me as their daughter if Aaronzander will let me be their daughter.Aaronzander was closer to me than anyone I could tell him anything and everything even if it made him fluster around like a moron he still handled it even if I told him I had been beat that day by some woman.Aaronzander would tend to my wounds and be my aid even if I told him to worry about himself during the healing days he'd get skinnier and skinnier I knew he hadn't had blood for weeks maybe a year because of me he must have been going crazy.I even named myself after Aaronzander's mom Angel and his father's middle name Black.In Memory of the past I walk with Aaronzander to see the future.I hope he lives a great life for me.

~Aaronzander Vladimir Bloods
Blue Angel Black