Aaronzander ;3 as A child as Told by Aaronzander :D

Notes:Told by Aaronzander this is at a older age because he forgot some of his younger years because they went by so fast.

My life was taking its steps so fast that I couldn't remember all the stuff I did in my younger years I'm fifteen now or at least I look fifteen.My parents died yesterday night yesterday night was my birthday my own birthday they shouldn't die right now they had thousands of years to go.I spent my birthday watching the moon from the roof of the Iron Hill's Asylum,my pale complexion shone in the moon I was as bright as the moon and I hoped I was having a better time knowing I'd never have someone shouting at me what to do but I was alone my whole family stopped at My parents everyone I knew as family was dead.There was a Russel of the bushes by the Iron Hill's Asylum I turned quickly to the bushes my fangs showing in the moon light a little girl came out of the bushes holding a tattered and torn teddy bear I felt sad for her she looked so bad.I jumped off the Asylum's roof I came up next to the girl she looked at me her eyes held sadness.I dropped to get to her level seeing as I was tall she hugged me tightly then said"I love you a lot and your cold!" I laughed a bit

"yeah I'm cold but that's just because your hot Sweetie"I replied she laughed at me when I said that knowing I was joking around"So Sweetie why are you near the Asylum?"I asked

she looked away from me at that moment

"well I was looking for a friend and well I missed being in the Asylum I used to see this boy that looked like you that was my age there"She said

I looked at her she saw me when I was a boy here?wonder what age right now she looked at least twelve years old

"well whats your name sweet heart?please tell me?"I said

"I-I-I don't have one"she said whispering

"well then I'll give you one whats your favorite colour?"I asked

"my favorite colour is Blue"

"So Then we'll name you blue"I said knowing it was already a yes

Next day:

Blue and I were never apart from then she was mine and when she wasn't I'd be somewhere near even if the sun was out I'd dash around in the shadows being blinding momentarily by the sun.Blue had never cared if I was a vampire or not she called me her savior and her everything.Over the days I became attached to the girl she was my everything too.I had no clue I had began loving her I just knew if anyone ever dared touch Blue they'd die a painful death.Blue had begun growing she needed new clothes her dress was getting short and men were staring at her which got me pissed off greatly.

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