Aaronzander ;3 as A child as Told by Aaronzander :D

Notes:this is Aaronzander telling what he was like a child...if you want I'll write this more! these mean () I am speaking XD

I was just a wee tot in baggy shorts and combat boots with a choker collar on at all times my parents were from a rich background like I don't know what type of background you'd call that if you were in my position really.My parents spoiled me rotten as much as a vampire boy could be spoiled really,I had one possession that I cherished greatly was a red bird a cardinal it was my prized possession.When I was a little boy I'd have my red cardinal in my pocket as I raced down mud tracks my combat boots slopping mud over my short legs as I ran.My legs had mud up to my knees,my cardinal still in my pocket not touched by the mud and I ran for miles upon miles till I reach a crumbling building known as Iron Hill's asylum which held many murderers I happened to love this place dearly its where my grandmother Mani was found on her dieing day in the walls of Iron Hill's Asylum.Mani was a great woman who was insane she killed only to help those suffering from the hell hold of life not for evil but for good the Asylum never saw my grandmother a hero but the saw her as a murderer when she was killing for their own sake!Mani was known by her friends and family as a great woman not a single evil piece inside her vampire body I was born after she died on Halloween night my parents say Mani gave me the power to be out in the sun for my own good but I'd be momentarily blind till dark.I ran around the Asylum's walls looking at the chipped paint seeing the walls have mold on them and blood splatters still on the walls from previous death's they closed down the asylum after my grandmother's death finding out they'd killed mostly all the prisoner's that had chance of getting away their death's were brutal no much than what they had done.My grandmother she killed herself with a peaceful pill she just couldn't live in the asylum no more the death's she heard were enough to make her go blood crazy.I was named after my grandfather Aaron,my uncle Zander and my ancestor Vladimir (I wanted to change it from Vladimire to Vladimir) he was the first to bring my family to the United states from England.We still carry on tradition of sailing to England back to the states as Vladimir did.

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