Wolfie Updates

Hello Guys~

I love you all. I just now remembered my password.. I apologize... Theres been a lot of changes in my life including some big ones such as the fact- There is a little Wolfie on the way.
I am due July 10th with a boy, His name is Roman Jett. He is named after my mamaw and his daddy. He got an R name because of his dad. And his great mamaws middle name is Jett. I love him very much! :)

If any of you need to get a hold of me, I do have a facebook that I update regularly. Its under Amber Renea (Amber Dyke), Theres a picture of my boyfriend and I at prom on there. Not hard to find hopefully. The URL thing should be SourSugarAmby when you get on the right profile. I can't remember honestly ^w^

~ Bloody