I know I have basically abandoned you guys and for that I'm sorry. Sincerely sorry. I have been busy through life. I am starting to do college applications and other school like necessities. And I am still in art things to further my artistic abilities.
Right now our art teacher has us doing busts of humans or humanoid characters. Which I chose Loki from Avengers/Thor. Which is quite a challenge since I don't do realistic things very much. We have to do this all in clay but draw out our armature maps. Very complicated but I enjoy it!
Its nice to take a minute and relax and realize how much my art has improved. I also am getting to the point where I take references and use them to better my art. Should have done that a loooong time ago.

Personal Life?
Well I no longer speak to my father or associate myself with him. He's kind of just there and I never see him any. He kicked me out as some of you may know. But we don't keep in touch and this year is my senior year and I have some things I'm trying to figure out and do on my own. I've been muddling my way along with academics which has been decent.. I only have A, B, and Cs as of now. I'm trying to work harder but its hard when no ones on my side. I am to the point where my guidance counselor and my principal have to sign everything I do since I am not an independent student nor do I associate myself with my parents so they have taken duties as my parents in the long run. Fun.

I hope you all are well. I'll try to post some of my recent works soon!

Love you~