You're pathetic.

So my boyfriend's ex is running her mouth about being pregnant and saying she'll break us up and get back with him...

She can not carry a baby and is saying it to get his attention which we proudly announced at lunch with her (she sits with us during lunch at school..) that we did not appreciate people saying they were definitely pregnant before knowing the real story. Granted I have said I may be several times but that doesn't mean I said I was. I made sure before I actually said I would be pregnant. I dislike the attention seeking girls. Plus then they carry the 'baby' on for 3 months then they end up miscarrying.

Its beyond stupid, I really don't know how I feel about this honestly.


Then my friend is trying to say crap to get me to fight the girl.. really? How much fun is this!

Wish me luuuuck!

~ Bloody