The girl who built her Palace.

When a little girl had a Palace, She thought she had everything, When truly she had only what she had built.
Shortly the Little girl grew into a Naive sweet Teenager, who built a palace of her own, building it up slowly as her parents had tore hers down that she had so many years ago. She built it better than the one she had, No Legos or Building Blocks, She met her King, Allowed him in the palace, disagrees because she can not believe all that she’s dreamed and that she has gotten it. Reality was never her
strong point, dreaming was always her past time, Now she truly sees that all that dreaming built her up to a even sweeter reality.
The girl always thought she was such a horrible princess and that she was the saddest that anyone would lay eyes on.. Now she knows the truth.
The King of her Palace, Convincing and brave, Walks her palace roaming freely, never far from her side, his heart racing fast with every step and a long red ribbon trails behind the girl, attached to the King, Little did she know it was a Ribbon of truth soul. Showing them that they were meant to be and forever soul mates…

Copyrighted to Amber Renea.
Or Formally Amber Dyke.

Do not steal this! It means alot to me.
I do plan to read this story to my children! D<