Hi! I'm Bloody or Wolfie.
I live in the Buckeye State... OHIO
My birthday is August 6th.. 1996.
I've been on TheO for years now.
I enjoy FX Makeups and Photography. <3

I can always talk about more >w>

I also love love love corgi dogs... I have OCD.. Obsessive Corgi Disorder. My facebook and phone are filled with pictures of Corgis yet I do not own one.. So I love on others corgis.. lol

Feel free to add any of my accounts or ask anything, I don't bite too hard :DDD

Get Up Close && Personal Shall we?
GaiaOnline: Adaliaxia
Youtube: Adaliaxia
Facebook: Amber Renea
Polyvore: Amber Renea
Skype: AllyUnderland
Kik: KawaiiAmby
Number: Ask for it. c:

Any other sites you want me on? Tell me X3

Aaronzander ;3 as A child as Told by Aaronzander :D

Notes:Little Blue will tell her side tooo!;3 because I'm niiiice if you can't read the writing tell meeeee!this is after a year with Blue. Aaronzander~ Blue had grown into a woman in short time I was sixteen not old enough to control ...

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Aaronzander ;3 as A child as Told by Aaronzander :D

Notes:Told by Aaronzander this is at a older age because he forgot some of his younger years because they went by so fast. My life was taking its steps so fast that I couldn't remember all the stuff I did in my younger years I'm fifteen n...

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