Hi! I'm Bloody or Wolfie.
I live in the Buckeye State... OHIO
My birthday is August 6th.. 1996.
I've been on TheO for years now.
I enjoy FX Makeups and Photography. <3

I can always talk about more >w>

I also love love love corgi dogs... I have OCD.. Obsessive Corgi Disorder. My facebook and phone are filled with pictures of Corgis yet I do not own one.. So I love on others corgis.. lol

Feel free to add any of my accounts or ask anything, I don't bite too hard :DDD

Get Up Close && Personal Shall we?
GaiaOnline: Adaliaxia
Youtube: Adaliaxia
Facebook: Amber Renea
Polyvore: Amber Renea
Skype: AllyUnderland
Kik: KawaiiAmby
Number: Ask for it. c:

Any other sites you want me on? Tell me X3


I love him soooo much :P


My boyfriend is a cutie pie X3

Girlfriends buy boyfriends video games...

Recently for my boyfriends birthday I bought him a used copy of GTA5, Which was from a good friend of mine. He's addicted to the game. His birthdays the 7th, but what the hell... I gave it to him anyway :P

I'm just glad he likes it.

Yesterday he was playing it and I fell asleep with my head in his lap.. Very interesting.. He was talking the whole time during my sleep... XDDD I made him feel awkward...

Him: I talked the whole time you were asleep.. You didnt respond and I look down there you are napping away.
Me: Thats what you get with a girlfriend that is fine with video games, give me a kiss here and there and talk to me once in a while.. I'm content.. I know how gaming can be XDDD

We have such an odd relationship.. Eventually there will be more pictures of us on here. >w>;

Maybe later today after my 5th period class XDD

What does the Fox say?


We have my teacher watching what does the fox say in class XDDDDDDDDDD

I'm not going to lie I'm rather disturbed XDDDDDD

Also my english teacher pelted my boyfriend with sticky notes yesterday. I'm so happy she did. I wish she was a teenager again.

Bells about to ring~

Goodbye babies!~

Love you~


My english teacher is also my boyfriends and hes in her next period. And shes gonna plaster him with sticky notes cause I asked her to XD