Hi! I'm Bloody or Wolfie.
I live in the Buckeye State... OHIO
My birthday is August 6th.. 1996.
I've been on TheO for years now.
I enjoy FX Makeups and Photography. <3

I can always talk about more >w>

I also love love love corgi dogs... I have OCD.. Obsessive Corgi Disorder. My facebook and phone are filled with pictures of Corgis yet I do not own one.. So I love on others corgis.. lol

Feel free to add any of my accounts or ask anything, I don't bite too hard :DDD

Get Up Close && Personal Shall we?
GaiaOnline: Adaliaxia
Youtube: Adaliaxia
Facebook: Amber Renea
Polyvore: Amber Renea
Skype: AllyUnderland
Kik: KawaiiAmby
Number: Ask for it. c:

Any other sites you want me on? Tell me X3


I'm dying from stress over prom. So.. don't be afraid if you all don't hear from me for a looooong time.
I'm just sooo stressed out lately.
If it isn't about my boyfriend its about some school issued stress. @[email protected]
I dislike this. I hope I can get around to posting pictures of my dress and all. I'll try soon! Promise!


Love you all!



Listening to: Down with the sickness- Disturbed
time: 12:27pm

Hello you guys!~

I've been good lately but a little stressed. My highschool is now doing a 30minute extension to the end of the day.. Instead of getting out at 3:08pm I get out at 3:38pm.. >w>
Rather sad about that.. Majorly sad.
But in good news... I have been getting along with my boyfriend a bit.. XD

And I am getting a puppy with him and possibly we're saving up money for an apartment for ourselves <3

And I might have a job soon :)


And my boyfriend got accepted to the college he wanted to go to. So proud of him, honestly am.



Hello you guys!
Its been a while since I updated!
I have been busy...

I got kicked out of my dads house..
And my boyfriend downloaded Pokemon and a emulator on my android :P
I also have gotten my boyfriend addicted to Attack On Titan <3

And hes been helping me a loooot.

Now I'm returning on my pokemon Sapphire game <3


My dad has decided to put me on a No seeing my boyfriend strike, So I went against his orders yesterday because I was sick and wanted to see my boyfriend for our 4 month anniversary.
He's a wonderful guy honestly but my dad considers him the devil.. o.o;
And I've been getting sick due to being on my period. My boyfriend and I believe its due to me being anemic and loosing the blood I'm used to having. Sadly I have been getting sicker due to that. Every time it comes around I'm always vomiting. >w>
I adore my boyfriend for putting up with my douchebag of a father sometimes. My dad is bound determined to keep me away from Ryan for no reason but discrimination. >w>
He believes Ryan and I are going to do a lot of bad things and me ending up really liking these things.
We cuddle and watch netflix all day.. Honestly, But my dad doesn't see it that way. >w>


My father also since I said I was sick stood at the bathroom door to make sure I puked, Which I didn't. So he's going overboard with all this stuff.. I wish he wouldn't...

I really think he's going overboard on a lot, He even kept my dog outside to be a meaner. >w>

~ Bloody


I'm going to break down in school soon. I'm just going to throw a desk or something...

Well an update.. >w>
I stayed the night at my boyfriend's Saturday.. which was not a good thing, I got in trouble for it but it wasn't our fault, His mom wouldn't let him use the car and then preceded to scream at us for that. But Jackson (my little town) had a major power outage to find a 'hot spot' or whatever. And I'm deathly afraid of the dark..
So my boyfriend had to walk me around his house to go to the bathroom and keep me calm.. It's not really very fun.. he laughed at me half the time its not even for the right reasons.. >w>

But I feel childish for being afraid of the dark.. But for once I got a good sleep like everytime I stay at his house... I just like to sleep next to him.. It's really really really comfortable... >w>

Merr... I'm gonna just go now.

But I miss you guys!

I'm gonna try to get things figured out lol... >w>

~ Bloody