Hi! I'm Bloody or Wolfie.
I live in the Buckeye State... OHIO
My birthday is August 6th.. 1996.
I've been on TheO for years now.
I enjoy FX Makeups and Photography. <3

I can always talk about more >w>

I also love love love corgi dogs... I have OCD.. Obsessive Corgi Disorder. My facebook and phone are filled with pictures of Corgis yet I do not own one.. So I love on others corgis.. lol

Feel free to add any of my accounts or ask anything, I don't bite too hard :DDD

Get Up Close && Personal Shall we?
GaiaOnline: Adaliaxia
Youtube: Adaliaxia
Facebook: Amber Renea
Polyvore: Amber Renea
Skype: AllyUnderland
Kik: KawaiiAmby
Number: Ask for it. c:

Any other sites you want me on? Tell me X3

Wolfie Updates

Hello Guys~

I love you all. I just now remembered my password.. I apologize... Theres been a lot of changes in my life including some big ones such as the fact- There is a little Wolfie on the way.
I am due July 10th with a boy, His name is Roman Jett. He is named after my mamaw and his daddy. He got an R name because of his dad. And his great mamaws middle name is Jett. I love him very much! :)

If any of you need to get a hold of me, I do have a facebook that I update regularly. Its under Amber Renea (Amber Dyke), Theres a picture of my boyfriend and I at prom on there. Not hard to find hopefully. The URL thing should be SourSugarAmby when you get on the right profile. I can't remember honestly ^w^

~ Bloody

Updates on the Wolfie

I know barely anyone gets on anymore. But I figure I should update those that do actually care right now and are looking towards seeing what I have to say right now.

I am finally a Senior but things are kind of tough. I'm trying my hardest to get everything done.
And I was thrown a curve ball such as: I found out that I am indeed pregnant.

So there's a little wolfie on the way. I will let you guys know details eventually well. All that I know is I have a doctors appointment the 21st. :)

Wish me luck!


I know I have basically abandoned you guys and for that I'm sorry. Sincerely sorry. I have been busy through life. I am starting to do college applications and other school like necessities. And I am still in art things to further my artistic abilities.
Right now our art teacher has us doing busts of humans or humanoid characters. Which I chose Loki from Avengers/Thor. Which is quite a challenge since I don't do realistic things very much. We have to do this all in clay but draw out our armature maps. Very complicated but I enjoy it!
Its nice to take a minute and relax and realize how much my art has improved. I also am getting to the point where I take references and use them to better my art. Should have done that a loooong time ago.

Personal Life?
Well I no longer speak to my father or associate myself with him. He's kind of just there and I never see him any. He kicked me out as some of you may know. But we don't keep in touch and this year is my senior year and I have some things I'm trying to figure out and do on my own. I've been muddling my way along with academics which has been decent.. I only have A, B, and Cs as of now. I'm trying to work harder but its hard when no ones on my side. I am to the point where my guidance counselor and my principal have to sign everything I do since I am not an independent student nor do I associate myself with my parents so they have taken duties as my parents in the long run. Fun.

I hope you all are well. I'll try to post some of my recent works soon!

Love you~



This is the last week of school and I am not thrilled at all.
But in good news, I'm getting a boxer lab mix puppy who is named Zailey. (Zay-lee)She's an adorable baby!

I'm stressed though

You're pathetic.

So my boyfriend's ex is running her mouth about being pregnant and saying she'll break us up and get back with him...

She can not carry a baby and is saying it to get his attention which we proudly announced at lunch with her (she sits with us during lunch at school..) that we did not appreciate people saying they were definitely pregnant before knowing the real story. Granted I have said I may be several times but that doesn't mean I said I was. I made sure before I actually said I would be pregnant. I dislike the attention seeking girls. Plus then they carry the 'baby' on for 3 months then they end up miscarrying.

Its beyond stupid, I really don't know how I feel about this honestly.


Then my friend is trying to say crap to get me to fight the girl.. really? How much fun is this!

Wish me luuuuck!

~ Bloody