Hirari's Profile!

Name: Hirari

age: 19

Gender: male

Race: Human

Looks: Blonde wavy hair. tall-ish, slightly skinny but still built. Soft amber eyes

Outfit: Generally wears a suit because of his master (Toma), but when he is causal he wears what he wants

Personality: He has a leader like personality. He likes to get his business done and take everything into his own hands. He can be very strict and commandful, but under that he is a soft heart. He rarely shows this side to anyone, but when he does he seems like an Innocent child.

Gifts: super sight and hearing

Back story: He never got the choice to run from the vampires, he was enslaved as a child, but he does not hate his master or the vampires. His family sold him to Toma's family for money, but he was raised and treated well. He has been trusted to serve and protect his Master (Toma) and has come to be his lover.

Image: (will draw later)