Here we are...were we all knew we would end up. In a world ruled by blood-sucking vampire. The vampires have taken over our little world after an epidemic spread of a new drug that could make you live forever. Many took the oppertunity but those who didnt were punished. Sucked into the world of slavery and pain.

You run for as long as you can until your cuaght and put into a camp were vampires come and bid on you too see who will get too taste your blood. Its up too you too either escape...or make your new life the best it can be. Your not just given the pain alone though...After your first time bitten you gain the powers you need too survive.

You use these powers to help you escape or live your life better. Sometimes the vampires are actually pretty nice. This will be your story on how you get too your vampires (If your human) and how ur life progresses with them.

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A girl


I continued my journey to the next city. I stopped at the city entrance, it changed. I guess it was caused by this slavery things. The beautiful and peaceful city had gone and became a dead-city, it couldn't called a city anymore. I heard a sound from a place that was the head city office before. I saw some young and middle-age vampires than, bid for a human girl. I pressed my power down, in order to avoid further attention. I saw the girl tried to escape but the auctioneer held her fast. It's not like I care, I didn't come here to save a mere human, I just need to visit a grave here, and back to own place.
I walked to the graveyard and shocked when I saw a scene before me. The graveyard was a mess, it all torn up. Without any second thought I went to the head office and break the door open.
"Which one of you responsible of this mess!"
"I'm in charge here" the vampire auctioneer spoke and let the girl go and walked towards my direction. He walked around me, observed me. "You smell funny, young vampires, and do not try to against me, you'll end in a second" he laugh and lean over my shoulder.
"Take your dirty hand of me!" I glared at him and made my silver chains wrapped around his entire body and watched as the silver started to leave burn marks on his skin. I pulled his face closer "Leave this village at once!" as I loose my chains on him "And that goes to all of you!" I release my power at once and made all the vampires gone. They knew they have no change against me.
I looked at the girl trembling in the corner. I walked towards her and took off my hood. Her face looks like someone I knew so I felt something when I saw her. I put my hood on her and gives her one of my dagger and some money.
"Here..." I put a dagger and some money in her hands. "Go! you'll find a good male vampire and his slave, if you walk that way. You'll be safe with them" I looked at her once again and smiled a little, and I walked back to the graveyard...

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I awoke as soon as the sun set. Regan was gone, and Jessica was still asleep. Her head was resting on my shoulder. I smiled. I had been alone and now to have someone with me...who actually cares about me. It was a nice feeling. I looked outside. It was raining. Lovely. Thunder sounded loudly and Jessica's eyes flew open. Her face turned red when she saw she was leaning on me. I smiled. "Good evening." Her face turned more red. I chuckled. She was so cute. "Well...I have no problem walking in the rain...however you're another story. I don't want you getting sick. I don't think it's going to last long. When it's over we'll move on." She nodded. I turned and watched the rain. I loved the rain. It was so peaceful. Before I knew it I was humming. I noticed Jessica listening and I felt my face redden a bit. She giggled. "I didn't know vampire's could blush." I smiled. "Only cause I drank some of your blood yesterday. It's kind of like a side effect. It makes me look more...alive? I guess. It will fade soon though so enjoy it while it lasts." I began to hum some more. Too bad it wasn't always peaceful like this. Reality is bound to come crashing in sooner or later.



I watched as they fell asleep and I remember some old days. I can't believe my own eyes when I saw them caring each other. I did have someone that I care before, but I couldn't do anything to save him. Now I care of nothing and I believe in no one, but when I saw them I want to go back to my old days. I smiled to myself. I saw Mr. Kitty walked towards me and I smiled to him "You are free to go." Mt.Kitty walked out as I said that. "I'll take my leave, thank you for before. I'll pay you back next time we meet." I said that to Aki, don't know if he heard me or not, and I add with very low voice "But for your own sake, I hope we wont meet again" I put on my hood and walked away...

Do As You Like


Jessica moved closer to me as Regan got closer. She sighed and sat down close to us. She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. I knew she was hiding something still. But I wasn't going to pry. I had my secrets. I lifted my arm and placed it protectively around Jessica's shoulders. Regan continued watch us. I closed one eye but kept the other on her. As the day wore on Jessica's head slumped against my shoulder. I started to nod off as well. "Stay if you want...or leave. It doesn't matter to me." Regan nodded. My head leaned against Jessica's as I fell asleep. It will be dark soon and then we will have to move.

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