Updates. BP #81

Hello, hello, hello! ^^/

It's been over a month since I've been here. How have you guys been?
Actually scratch that, I just read some depressing posts.

Anyway, I finished my exams about 2 weeks ago and I got derpy grades. An 85% on my science exam? Ew, no I'm done. But for semester 1, here are my marks:

Music: 88%
Geography: 91%
English: 88%
Science: 87%

Not too bad, but I need to do better.

I have to pick my courses for grade 10, and I'm supposed to pick 2 alternatives, but I have no idea on what to pick.
I have gym this semester, which means swimming. I cannot handle the smell of chlorine after getting out of the pool. Like if I'm leaning on my hand in another class, I just smell chlorine. I'm a walking element, guys.

Ooh, I also noticed I got promoted to Senior Otaku++! ^^/

Remember my rants about the weather from last year? Well, you can expect some more soon. It's freezing in Canada. And I HATE the windchill.

I'll try to update my anime review world soon. I have so many reviews to post, you have no idea.

And one more thing; are there any Pretty Little Liars or Once Upon A Time fans here? Also, do you think I should start watching Game of Thrones?