Summatives Can Go To Hell. BP #80


It's now the winter break! People are going places and guess what exciting things I'm doing? Summatives! c:
So basically, I have a geography summative which is a portfolio that you have to include 5 different assignments and write a fREAKING REFLECTION FOR EACH ONE.
On the actual instructions, it says that each reflection can't be more than 300 words. I was fine with that, until 2 of my friends told me that apparently the geo teacher changed it so it has to be at least 500 words.




Now, writing a 500 word reflection may seem easy, because I know some of you have wrote a 1000 word essay before. But I hardly have anything to write about. The only things that it says to put on the reflection are:

  • Why you chose to include this item in your portfolio?
  • What is the contribution of your selection(s) to your learning? (Knowledge, Understanding, & Skills)
  • How this item relates to the course and the unit and themes in the geography of Canada?

That's it.
I'm on my second reflection now. On my first, I literally put my heart and soul to spit out as many words as I can, and I just made it to exactly 500 words.

Sorry for boring post, needed to get this off my chest.

Qotd: What are you doing for the holidays?