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Last updated: Jan.3/15

Finally Back! - BP #82

Y'all probably thought I was dead.

Hello! I'm back from an incredibly huge hiatus! How have you all been? I just finished my freshman year of high school, and now it's summer! And fasting too. *cue stomach growling*

I couldn't accomplish my goal of keeping an 87% average. All my marks are above 87%... except my gym mark. A big, fat 73%.
How the heck am I supposed to maintain a 90% average the following school year?

Anyway, I watched a lot of anime recently, so I'll try my absolute best to get my lazy ass on my anime reviews world and type up 10+ reviews.

Anyone here a fan of ouat or pll? If you are, let's talk! I would love to hear your opinions!

Bye for now!


Updates. BP #81

Hello, hello, hello! ^^/

It's been over a month since I've been here. How have you guys been?
Actually scratch that, I just read some depressing posts.

Anyway, I finished my exams about 2 weeks ago and I got derpy grades. An 85% on my science exam? Ew, no I'm done. But for semester 1, here are my marks:

Music: 88%
Geography: 91%
English: 88%
Science: 87%

Not too bad, but I need to do better.

I have to pick my courses for grade 10, and I'm supposed to pick 2 alternatives, but I have no idea on what to pick.
I have gym this semester, which means swimming. I cannot handle the smell of chlorine after getting out of the pool. Like if I'm leaning on my hand in another class, I just smell chlorine. I'm a walking element, guys.

Ooh, I also noticed I got promoted to Senior Otaku++! ^^/

Remember my rants about the weather from last year? Well, you can expect some more soon. It's freezing in Canada. And I HATE the windchill.

I'll try to update my anime review world soon. I have so many reviews to post, you have no idea.

And one more thing; are there any Pretty Little Liars or Once Upon A Time fans here? Also, do you think I should start watching Game of Thrones?


Summatives Can Go To Hell. BP #80


It's now the winter break! People are going places and guess what exciting things I'm doing? Summatives! c:
So basically, I have a geography summative which is a portfolio that you have to include 5 different assignments and write a fREAKING REFLECTION FOR EACH ONE.
On the actual instructions, it says that each reflection can't be more than 300 words. I was fine with that, until 2 of my friends told me that apparently the geo teacher changed it so it has to be at least 500 words.




Now, writing a 500 word reflection may seem easy, because I know some of you have wrote a 1000 word essay before. But I hardly have anything to write about. The only things that it says to put on the reflection are:

  • Why you chose to include this item in your portfolio?
  • What is the contribution of your selection(s) to your learning? (Knowledge, Understanding, & Skills)
  • How this item relates to the course and the unit and themes in the geography of Canada?

That's it.
I'm on my second reflection now. On my first, I literally put my heart and soul to spit out as many words as I can, and I just made it to exactly 500 words.

Sorry for boring post, needed to get this off my chest.

Qotd: What are you doing for the holidays?



This isn't a blog post. This is just to clear up my hella long introduction. I'll link this post to my intro so you guys can refer to it if you don't know who's who. Even if you don't care about this, I'm just going to put this out there.


Friends (most of them are)=

  • Girls: G, G.T, S, A.S, R, I (when it is underlined and in bold, it means I'm talking about this friend, not myself), M, M.V, Z, L, M.T, B
  • Guys: J (I used to like him, and J knows, but they're friends), A (G used to like him, but not anymore), C (G's new crush after A, but she doesn't like him anymore), J-PBE (G's last crush I talked about in the blog, but doesn't like him anymore), T (to date, is my undecided ex-crush. He is also A's twin bro), DD (stands for Duplicate Dickhead, you might want to click here to know the story behind him)

Cousins: M (I'll say which one I'm talking about in my posts), M.H (cousin's brother)
Guy who (used to) has a crush on me: O (He's 7 T.T)

~The teachers that I have~ (grade 8)
Mr.F - Core teacher
Ms.M - French teacher
Ms.P - Math and science teacher
Ms.L - Gym teacher
Ms.S - Tech teacher
Mr.P - Strings music teacher
Ms.F - Drama teacher

This post has been updated on: Dec.7/14

Until It's Gone. BP #79


*sneezes and tries to wipe burning nose*

You guessed it. I'm sick. Wonderful.
So how's it going? School's going okay for me, and you guys will start hearing my rants about winter in Canada soon. It snowed a few times, but melted, so...

Do you remember when I said in my last post that I never had any dreams about DD? Well guess what.
Last night, I did. But it wasn't romantic at all. It was more like he "hated" me and always pushed me around. Kinda like bullying, I suppose. And guess who else was in my dream? T.
My brain needs to calm down and let me digest one thing at a time. I vividly remember myself being confused in that dream. First I'm being "bullied" by DD, then T comes out of nowhere and I think we talked about stuff but for some reason, T had this disgusted face as if I smelled like old, sweaty socks. I have no idea what is going on anymore, I wish I could lucid dream so I can just sort out everything in my sleep and be able to know if the feelings I have right now are true. By feelings, I mean that I don't like DD at all, I might be subconsciously chasing after T's shadow, and am I changing as a person?

Enough about that, my biggest highlight today at school was when at some point, it was dead quiet in my English class and then I, loudly, blurted out, "cauliflower," to break the silence.