hey u heard of my naruto blog well here is my bleach blog
its for fans who love bleach and want to talk about it so let get this going and have a blast ok

battle tourney

hey fans my good friend kobashi is holding a fighting tournament. For those interested pm him if interested and u will know i will be in it too so cant waint to see who will come to the challenge so sign up pls ok

Easter wishes

i know its a day after easter but i just wanted to wish all my fans a happy easter and hope ur days r filled with happyness

next challenge idea

hey bleach fans im thinking of issuing a new challenge
have any ideas comment and let me know ok

the new pic in the background

hey all the pic u see in the background a good friend made this cus i like grimmjow ok

which side r u on

ok todays is about if u were to choose a side which would it be arrancars or vizroids
and on a better note give some suggestions on what to rant about in bleach