hey u heard of my naruto blog well here is my bleach blog
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i just want to wish u all an early christmas

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new writer


hey fans check this new fanfic writer out he has some really good stories

funny moments

here is a vid of some funny bleach moments enjoy:3

New bleach game

HELLO BLEACH FANS there is the cover for the new bleach game coming out for PS3 called soul ignition

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this is a following rp me and a few friends did on a diff site hope u like it

Keelena: (...phail >.> 20:33
Will takes care of Kee, Hanataro shows up and looks after her 20:33
angel sits up 20:33
angel: where the hell m i 20:33
Keelena: Will, l-look out! 20:33
Keelena someone hits Will from behind 20:34
Will: huh? 20:34
Nero suddenly explodes into my devil form breaking the kido as my hollow mask appears making me go into my beserk form 20:34
Will: Ow! 20:34
Keelena: Will! 20:34
Will looks behind me 20:34
Keelena someone takes her and vanishes 20:34
angel looks around the room 20:34
Will: Hanataro I told you to look after her! 20:34
angel bangs on the wall 20:35
angel: LET ME OUT DAMN IT 20:35
Keelena door opens and throws her in at Angel's feet. she's unconscious. 20:35
Nero makes the wall holding angel explode as I stand in the way 20:35
Will finds the warehouse they're being held in 20:35
angel sees kee and hears an explosion 20:36
angel: KEE 20:36
angel goes to see to her and turns to nero 20:36
Nero looks at the two eyes glowing red 20:36
Will appears in the hallway 20:36
angel: oh no 20:36
angel: nero 20:37
Keelena tears falling from her closed eyes 20:37
Will: Nero, turn it off 20:37
Nero looks at will then to angel 20:38
Will: Nero, we're getting out of here, so turn off the vizord form 20:39
angel goes get up and picks up kee 20:39
angel: its not vizord 20:39
Will: oh 20:39
angel: its his devil form 20:39
angel: and thts gonna be hard getting him to go normal 20:40
Nero lashes at the group 20:40
angel: first thing first 20:40
angel jumps bk 20:40
angel: we gotta get out of here 20:40
Will blocks it 20:40
Will: right 20:40
angel: i gotta get kee out of here 20:40
Nero creates a cero 20:40
angel: and to the soul society 20:41
angel: owo 20:41
Will points to the exit 20:41
Will: run! 20:41
angel runs for the exit with kee 20:41
Nero fires the cero 20:41
Keelena groans 20:41
Will holds it back with Shishimaru, grunts 20:42
angel: kee if only u can snap him out of it 20:42
Keelena opens eyes 20:42
angel continues to run to the exit and then to the senkaimon 20:42
angel: now will has dc/d 20:43
Will: no I haven't 20:43
Nero summons yamato and warps to angel and kee 20:43
angel: oh ok 20:43
Keelena: Angel? 20:43
Will stops him 20:43
angel stops 20:43
angel: kee 20:43
angel: wht is it 20:43
Keelena: w-where am I? 20:43
angel: in the world of the living 20:43
angel: u were broght here 20:44
angel: we gotta get bk and 20:44
Keelena looks around then at Nero 20:44
angel turns to nero 20:44
Keelena: Nero?! 20:44
angel: and theres tht 20:44
Will is standing in front of Angel and Kee 20:44
Keelena: put me down. put me down! 20:44
angel puts her down 20:45
angel: but wht will u do 20:45
Keelena: go, both of you 20:45
Keelena: get out now! 20:45
angel: kee 20:45
angel: wht r u planning 20:45
Nero: gtg 20:45
angel: awww 20:46
Will: oh 20:46
angel: it was getting good T.T 20:46
Will: owo 20:46
Keelena: ikr 20:46
angel: damn 20:46
angel: if u want save the room and continue tomorrow 20:47
angel: oh wait thts my job 20:47
Keelena: good idea 20:47
angel: its my room 20:47
angel: welll save the link 20:47
Will: ^^ 20:47
angel: yesh 20:47
angel: save this link 20:47
Keelena: done 20:48
Will: same 20:48
angel: i saved it 20:48
angel: now we r off 20:49
angel: bye 20:49
Will: ok