LOL I logged on and suddenly there were six messages, and then I realized they were Birthday wishes, so thanks everyone! :)

I had a pretty good time up until late last night/early this morning. Had a really good birthday shindig at a friends, had a good actual birthday, then at around 11-something last night, my dog started showing signs of shock and about an hour and a half and a trip to the emergency vet later, she passed away.

we never really found out what happened, basically it seems like it was just her time to go (she was 12) her heart and lungs just sort of wound down and stopped working despite the fact that the x-rays and blood test showed nothing out of the ordinary. She had become dehydrated somehow despite that she had easy access to water all day and was acting normal up until that evening, and apparently that extra stress was too much on her heart or something.

so...yeah...weekend kinda turned into a train wreck. :/ far as the loss I'm dealing with it, not easy obviously, as anyone who's been in this situation knows, but I'll be fine.