Okay...so there's this challenge I entered a LOOOONG time ago...I've been waiting and waiting for the judgement to be called on it, and after spending all the time I did to make my entry for it - http://www.theotaku.com/fanart/view/370690/it_will_be_me - I have a feeling it will never be decided >8C ...I'm trying to be patient but I'm not going to lie it's gotten a bit frustrating, does anybody know what happened to the host of that challenge?

I know life happens and all, and if there turns out to be a legit reason for keeping all the entrants waiting, than I can understand. But the fact is when someone holds a challenge, there's a little bit of a responsibility there to those who put in their effort and time to compete in your contest, I would have hoped we'd have gotten something, anything, even the tiniest note of why we've all been kept waiting for so long. I just want an explanation, if it's a reasonable one, like family problems, school, loss or internet, etc. fine I understand that completely, but if I ever find there's not a really legit reason, I'm gonna be a little pee'd off.
Honestly that entry was one of, if not the, longest and most complex project I've undertaken to date, and now it seems I won't even get to see if the work paid off or not. - rant over >:/