Welcome to my world
here you'll find...well let's face it you won't find much of anything, not many people pay attention to these places do they? lol
anyways, what you might find here are various thought from myself on random stuff...and also maybe some notices when I intend to change something, etc.

...yep that's about it, it's you'd still like to lurk look about, feel free.


LOL I logged on and suddenly there were six messages, and then I realized they were Birthday wishes, so thanks everyone! :)

I had a pretty good time up until late last night/early this morning. Had a really good birthday shindig at a friends, had a good actual birthday, then at around 11-something last night, my dog started showing signs of shock and about an hour and a half and a trip to the emergency vet later, she passed away.

we never really found out what happened, basically it seems like it was just her time to go (she was 12) her heart and lungs just sort of wound down and stopped working despite the fact that the x-rays and blood test showed nothing out of the ordinary. She had become dehydrated somehow despite that she had easy access to water all day and was acting normal up until that evening, and apparently that extra stress was too much on her heart or something.

so...yeah...weekend kinda turned into a train wreck. :/ ...as far as the loss I'm dealing with it, not easy obviously, as anyone who's been in this situation knows, but I'll be fine.

OMG Promotion??? O__o

so...apparently I'm an "Otaku Legend" member now...not sure how that happened with my lack of activity, but it did lol

so...I wonder if I should draw something?...yeah probably won't happen but it's a thought xD

Roadtrip! XD

Okay so, not that I'm that active on here (I lurk a bit everyday, I just don't write/submit all that much) but just FYI

I will more than likely be offline until Sunday evening/possibly Monday (depending on how tired I am Sunday)

As I will be taking a weekend trip to Half Moon Bay to visit family (it's my adorable Japanese grandma's 80th birthday! X3 our visit is being kept a secret until we arrive lol )

so yeah, will be leaving early tomorrow so an early see ya later, have a good weekend people :)

My Trophy hath been demoted

lol XD well..it has...

after vastly reducing my gallery due to deleting all the original work that I didn't want available for use, my fanart trophy has gone from gold to bronze!

oh well...sort of feel like a fresh start in a way...I don't really mind :)

NOTICE: Gallery/account overhaul

Yeah...so...a few things have changed since the last post...

I still don't intend to submit fully original works anymore...however, I've become a little more open to fanart than mentioned before just over the past month...thus I've decided that when I do fanart, I'll be submitting that here.

But now in light of my split opinion on the new usage thing they're pushing, I've come to a comfortable, but none the less sizable decision.

while I do not wish to have the original works in my gallery openly available for usage in wallies or ecards, I actually would be happy to make whatever fanart I come up with over time available for said usage.

I cannot have both options, I can't shut the option off for originals and then turn it on for fanart, so I've come to the decision that I will be removing my original work from TheO and refocusing my gallery/account to be my new fanart base on the internet.

For those who might still want to see my original work, as mentioned before, I've moved my original submissions fully to my deviantART account, SkyGateCreations, there all the work that will be removed here and far more will be available to view - often at higher quality levels.

but as for here, I feel the conversion of this account into my fanart base is what I want to do.
I figured it was a big enough change that it needed a proper explanation, otherwise I'm pretty sure the mass deletion would come across as a major rage-quit XD