hihihihi! i'm nekoneko boom! just call me boom!
i like bleach, my favourite character from bleach is orihime because of how ditzy she is!
i like circles for some weird reason!
i read lots of weird and random books! SCRIBBLEBOY!
i like avatar: the legend of aang. my favourite character is toph! i just love her hair! i also like prince zuko zuuuuuuuuuuuuuukoooo! *pounces on zuko*
i like digimon and pokemon. (i love digimon more though!)
i've read godchild once or twice. that's ok, i love cain's sister though! she's so quaint and pretty!
i love the dreaming! i love the twins!
i like creating my own random doodle monsters in my maths book!
i'm ok at maths, ok at science. good at english! jack of all trades!
i love poodles for some reason. they're just sooo FLUFFY!
i love drawing chibi' that how you spell it? yeah, yeah it is!

well i'm hyper and always on the move! *bounces away*