Deadline (a Devil May Cry animation fan fiction)

At the Devil May Cry Dante and Patty were playing cards by the coffee table. “HA! I won again!” Patty shouted in delight. Dante said nothing and moved to his table where he sat, rested his feet on the table and places an open book to cover his face. “Dante! Come on! Pay up!” Patty followed him standing across his table. “I don’t have any money” Dante said coldly. “WHAT! You owe me 20 ice creams already!” Patty reminded him “You can’t eat 20 ice creams at the same time. It’ll just make your head hurt.” “DANTE! ICE CREAM! NOW!” Patty shouted in annoyance.

Suddenly the door opened ringing the bell above it. A woman with short green hair stepped in. She has blue eye in her left eye and red on her right eye. “Oh a customer!” Patty happily announced. Dante lifted the book covering his face to look but places it back and said “She’s not a customer” Patty looked at Dante and back to the woman in confusion.

“Long time no see, Dante” the woman said. “You know each other?” Patty said. The woman walked over to Dante’s table and then looks at the Patty then back to Dante. “Is she your kid?” “NO WAY!” Patty said defensively. “Who are you then?” the woman asked “I’m Patty and I’m not a kid anymore! Who are you anyway?” Patty asked “Lady” “What are here for if you’re not a customer?” Lady laughs and said “I see you got an agent here, Dante. Tell me Patty, how much does this guy pay you?” “I’m not his agent and he still owes my 20 ice creams.” “Have you tried checking his wallet?” Lady suggested “No...” Patty answered.

Lady walks over beside Dante, she then kicks his chair causing him to fall off his chair. “Hey what are you doing?” exclaimed Dante. Lady didn’t answer and just give him another kick that would make him lay on his stomach. She then place her left foot on to Dante’s back. “Take his wallet” Lady said to Patty. “Whoa! I wish I have thought of that” Patty opened his wallet and is clearly disappointed. “Well, how much is in it?” Lady asks. Patty looked at Lady and showed her the empty wallet.

Lady gave Dante another kick. “Are you happy now?” Dante stood up from the floor. “Hmph!” Lady turned her back to Dante and started walking towards the door. “Is that it?” Dante added. Lady opened the door ringing the bell above it and before completely walking out of the door she said “There are more coming if don’t pay up.” The door closed ringing the bell once more. Dante sat back to his chair placing his feet above the table again. “Women...” Dante mumbled and placing a book on his face again.

“She’s gone... Dante you better get more jobs so you can pay up already!” Patty suggested but Dante didn’t answer. He appears to be sleeping already. Patty slumped and just sat in the couch watching her telenovelas on the little TV in the coffee table.

A few minutes later the bell rang again. The opened a woman with long blonde hair came in. “Oh a customer!” Patty stood up to greet her but then she noticed something about her. “Wait! Aren’t you the girl in the picture on Dante’s table?” Dante lifted the book to take a look. “It’s been a long time since I last came here” the woman said but Dante didn’t answer and instead just placed the book on his face again. “Hey that’s not how you treat an old colleague” The woman said then she noticed Patty standing by the couch. “Hey is she your kid?” the woman asked Dante.

But it wasn’t Dante how answered. “Arg! I’m not his kid or his agent and he still owes me!” Patty explained. “I can’t believe you borrow money from little kids” the woman walks to Dante’s table. “Well actually he didn’t borrow money from me...” Patty said “How does he owe you?” “He lost a card game and he now owes me 20 ice creams.” The woman laughed “He’s never really good with gambling!” “So true!” Patty laughed too.

“Anyway aren’t you the girl in the picture?” Patty asked. “Picture? Oh that! I’m afraid not” the woman turned to Dante and said “I can’t believe you haven’t told her” “It’s none of her business” he said without removing the book from his face. Patty sulked “then who are you?” she asked.

“I’m Trish, Dante’s old partner” “Oh so that means you have a mission for Dante!” Patty excitedly said. “Not really. I’m here for other reasons.” Trish walked to Dante. “Where’s my money?” she demanded. “I don’t have any.” Dante replied. Trish walked over to Dante and grabbed him by the collar. She then pulled him throwing him on the floor. With Dante lying on his stomach again Trish anchored her foot to Dante’s back. “Hey! What are you doing?” Dante asked. Trish just smiled she was about to get his wallet when Patty said “We already look there”. Patty showed her Dante’s wallet and opened it for her showing the inside of the wallet. “WE?!” Trish asked. “Yeah, Lady was here and did the same thing...” Patty answered. Trish gave Dante a kick, Dante sat up and said “Is that it?” Trish then gave Dante a punch right in the face. “What’s that for?” “And you wanted me to work with you again!” Trish then storms out of Dante’s office. “Women” Dante mumbles again.

Before the door fully closed Morrison walked in. “Was that Trish?” he asked but nobody answered him. Then Patty tried to give Dante a kick herself but he easily blocked. “What do you think your doing?” Dante asked. “For degrading us women!” Patty answered “You’re just a kid” Patty didn’t answer instead she stormed out of the door too completely ignoring Morrison standing by the door.

“What just happened here?” Morrison asked but Dante didn’t answer instead he sat in his chair. “Oh I know deadline day.” Morrison then pulled out a piece of paper out of his coat and placed them on top of Dante’s table “This would answer your problems.”

Later that night in an abandoned church. “What are you doing here?” Trish said sensing Lady nearby. “Probably the same reason you are” Lady answered “I was here first! Akuma’s mine!” “Hmp! So what! I’m going to kill that Akuma!” Both women then poised as if they are going to fight. “It doesn’t matter who’s here first. It’s who kills Akuma.” Dante said coming out from no where.

A roar was then heard just nearby, Dante, Lady and Trish looked where the noise came from. “hmmm... food!” Akuma said standing on top the ruined church. “I see our guest have arrived” Lady announced. “I hope you know how to dance!” Trish said jumping off the ground to attack the monster. Her initial attack wasn’t successful but with a quick move she punched Akuma right to his face. She then grabbed his face and repeatedly hit him with her knees. It knocks Akuma out off balance and now he’s laying on his back. Trish attacked again but before she could land her attack, Akuma gave her a kick right in the stomach that sent her flying off the roof to the ground.

Lady then immediately launched a rocket. A hit that knocked the monster off the roof and also fell in the ground but Akuma could still stand. Lady brought out her gun and fires repeatedly as she run towards the monster. She then tries to kick the monster but Akuma easily blocked it and grabbed her leg. Akuma swings her around and finally throwing her to the wall. The wall was destroyed and rubbles fall on Lady.

It’s Dante’s turn, he gave the same attack as Lady bringing out Ebony and Ivory to fire. When he was close enough it’s time for Rebellion. He was successful giving Akuma one damaging attack after another. But with a small opening the monster had an opportunity to back fire. Dante was about to swing his sword again when Akuma grabbed his sword. Akuma then immediately grabbed Dante’s neck with his other hand to suffocate him then throwing him across the field.

Akuma laughed “Humans are weak!” He continued to laugh but stopped when he heard a voice. “You think it’s over...” Trish said standing just behind him. “Is that all you can do?” Lady said behind the rubbles and the ruined wall. “That’s just the appetizer.” Dante standing in front of him.

Dante punched Akuma sending him to the ruined wall. Lady was there to attack Akuma repeatedly punching him and finally picking him up and throwing him across the field. He landed just near Trish. Trish used her powers to electrocute him while punching him too. Another call for her power sent Akuma off the ground and landing where Dante is waiting for him. With one last powerful slash, Akuma is cut in half, then falling to the ground dead.

“Looks like I won” Dante said without looking at the two women and then left the scene. The two women are left and for a while they looked at each other. “This is annoying!” Lady angrily. “Don’t worry we’ll still get paid” Trish said almost smiling.

The next day at Devil May Cry. Dante came in the back door. Lady was there playing pool while Trish is standing across the table watching Lady play and Morrison in the corner fixing the jukebox machine. “What are you guys doing here?” Dante asked while he approaches them. “Oh you know why we are here.” Lady answered. “You just got paid right? It’s time to pay your dues.” Trish added. Lady then throws the cue stick at Dante. He grabbed it but that was his mistake. Trish suddenly appeared behind him grabbing both ends of cue stick trapping him and enabling him to use his arms.

The bell on top of the door rang and the door revealed Patty. “Hi Lady! Hi Trish! What are you guys doing?” Patty said without any tone of surprise from what she is seeing. “Getting paid” Lady answered as she takes Dante’s wallet. “here we go!” Lady said smiling. When she finally opened the wallet she looked at Trish disappointed and immediately looked at Dante angry. “Don’t tell me you spent it all already!” Trish said almost shouting. “Then I won’t tell you” Dante answered. “Where’s are money!” Lady demanded. “Right here.” Patty answered showing the empty pizza boxes on the floor. “You spent it all on Pizza?!” Trish said loudly. “And strawberry sundaes...” Patty said holding empty boxes of strawberry sundaes.

Trish pushes Dante to the floor. Trish and Lady repeatedly kicked Dante. Patty sat on Dante’s chair while watching Dante’s misfortune. Morrison only glanced at them “Women... are dangerous...” he continued working on the Jukebox.

This is the first time I’m writing a fanfiction. I just recently watched the animated series of Devil May cry and I loved it. I’m currently the game now.
Sorry, my fight scenes, I’m very inexperienced in writing them.
Dante fans please don’t kill me... Onegai...
Characters are owned by Capcom

written: 8/22/2008
i know i can write better than this now but this is how i've written it when i first posted this. when i have the time, i will review and edit this and post it on my deviantart account. also i don't like capital letters. jk lol