I world for ranting, for letting out negative feelings.

No celebration

Spring break has finally started but there won't be any celebrations...Okami's grandpa was admitted to the hospital and it's not looking good....what's worse is it's my mother in las birthday today...and her dad is in he hospital. I don't know what I should do....if I'm a bit absent or I don reply to comments for a bit, I'm trying to hold everyone together. I'll see you guys soon maybe...


I may have to take a break guys....not that I've been very active anyway. One test took me from a solid B to an F and I'm feeling really, really overwhelmed and stressed....I seemed to have developed test anxiety which I've never EVER had before. I'm blanking out when I know I know the answers and I'm being nitpicked for reasons I can't figure out. I was just sobbing in the bathroom like an idiot and I feel like I might do it again. I'm studying so much and cramming so much information I don't have any free time or even feel human....I'm going to try my damnedest to pull myself together and talk to my professors about this...classes have never made me feel like this before. Until next time,


Bunny rage

Pearson can suck a butt! I'm sooooo tired of their puppet show bull crap they call a company. Semester after semester I have issues with them. I'm done. That's it. No more. If they upset me again, I'm eating their souls. Ok, not really....I lack that particular demonic quality but they didn't post my course at the beginning of the semester, it wasn't fixed til this week, and now it's not the right course....they gave my prof. The wrong course! My access code was denied and they tried to blame the entire situation on me. Saying I must have done something wrong, I bought the wrong book or I tried enrolling in the wrong course -_- Do Not insult my intelligence Pearson....I know what course I'm in and what book I need. I read of verbatim what the syllabus said ISBN numbers and everything. The chat went quiet for a minute then they said there was a mistake with the enrollment of the course itself and I'd have to talk to my Professor. This is the fifth semester I've dealt with them and the fifth time I've had issues with them. External Image
Pearson can flip right off...
Rant finished.

Almost lost a dog today

Iris ran out of the house and scared the shit out of us. She was missing for almost an hour...she's back now and kenneled at the moment. I've never been so happy and livid at the same time.

I swear....

As if school and the car wasn't bad enough now someone committed fraud with my debit card. I'm quickly going from feeling blah and mildly blue to down right salty and loosing faith in humanity. We have to buy a new car and we're scrambling to get the money and then this happens...over $300 + dollars someone stole from us to go on a freaking shopping spree. Whoever you are, I sincerely hope you fall in a hole and expire.