Welcome to the liberation. This world is celebrate and discuss world conquest, fan fiction, pictures, etc... of Code Geass Lelouch of the rebillion and Code Geass R2. Other similar manga/anime such as Death Note are acceptable as well or any with some type of liberating effort.

Well have fun liberating the world.

Any suggestions, Just PM me.

Will try to start regular updates bare with me if i am unable.

Hope you enjoy this world.

note: all images borrowed unless otherwise stated.

Change in plans

Do to the ever increasing difficulty of remembering important details from animes fro long ago and not currently watching I shall cancel all previous exploits.

In the future I shall only be doing things relevant to what I am currently watching or just finished. I will give and updates list soon when I'm in the mode.

The truth

Madara was dead and has been resurrected the the puppet of Orochimar's, Kabuto .

This unknown assailant shall still be called Tobi because hes so cute and cuddle.

Kabuto plan just might put himself on the list of Liberators like his master Orochimaru.

Master of Puppets?_part2 Revisted


Master of Puppets?_part2 client WHO REALLY ARE YOU!

Are you really Uchiha,Madara!?

The Liberation demands ansswer!

You have fooled THE MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Props from me.

I remember back when I fooled the entire world I was evil to bring about world peace, that was priceless!

We wait for your response!

The Grand Flop

Is it just me or is Bleach just getting lamer. I thought the new story arc was cool as first but then the do the double cross crap and screw it up. You cant double cross unless your good at it. The battles are too short and un-epic to be noted for. Is this the Flop of Bleach!

I would say so but i will grudgingly hold on till the end.

A classic tale of a good story gone bad!

Roll Call

Doses anyone know of any good liberators out there that have not been found yet?