Hello and welcome to Kuro Bara Academy. You have been chosen to join this elite and very private school because you possess certain abilities. We have sent along a application, we would love if you would send it back filled in. Just receiving this letter does not necissarily mean that you are accepted.

Kuro Bara academy is located about ten minutes within remote woods. It is privately owned and not known to many people and those who do think it is a school for the mentally unstable. They offer applications a variety of people. Weather controlled, and lighting controlled it is the ideal location for many…types of beings. Since it is remote, every thing is provided, including a mall, restaurants and the like. Do nothing too serious or you will be expelled, everything you learned will be erased. The academy does have uniforms, but they are not mandatory. You are also able to register one other person as well, but choose carefully.
We at Kuro Bara academy await your application

when reading your acceptance letter a piece of paper falls out. You pick it up and read it. It announces that you are part of the exclusive school guardians.The guardians duties are to keep the true nature of this school a secret, protecting those who attend, and most importantly make sure every one s happy. Kind of like a student council of body guards. You will receive missions and assignments from the Headmaster every so often as he deems fit. Sometimes they will be solo, and others groups. But be careful. They may seem easy at times but they are not.

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rules -please read.
point systemand levels

students, points/levels

Shingetsuhime-Natsumi Chou-pure blood vampire->< pts-student body president
Kyouyrenge-Zoey-half blood werewolf-freshman-110 pts-bronze and Hanatuki-dragon tamer-freshman-110 pts-bronze
XxXWinXGirlXxX-Kyoka-shape shifter-senior-130 pts-bronze and Kyon-Time traveler-senior-120 pts-bronze
Wolfdemonchild9-Namida-human-sophmore-110 pts-bronze
Luna chan-Kira-human-senior-120 pts-bronze
Platinum chan-Haine-witch-junior-110 pts-bronze and Maora-wizard-junior-110 pts-bronze
inufluffy12-Miyo-half blood vampire-freshman-120 pts-bronze
ElderNightCrawler-Riku-elf/shinigami/ninja-sophmore-100 pts-bronze
Chiyoko Yamato-Nannami Kuzu-human-shifter-7th grade-100 pts-bronze
Balletninja-Chance/Alain-shifters-9th grade-100pts-bronze

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"Yeah! We're here for you, Miyo! I mean, what kind of friends would we be if we just abandoned you?" I say, grabbing Miyo's hands. Shes in shock, but that's to be expected, right? I glance over at Kyon.

"Anyways," I say, facing him," Can I have your room key? I would really like to get my own clothes back. You're pants keep falling off of me." Kyon's eyes widen, and he looks stunned.

"Yeah, leave it inside once you get your things." He says hesitantly while digging through his pocket. He hands me the key, and I look it over. The sunlight glints off of it, and I smile. I look at Kyon, who had been staring at my bracelet, then at Miyo.

"You wanna come?" I ask, motioning towards the dorms. She looks at me, then at Kuna.

"Sure?" She says to me.

"Great!" I say, bouncing. "Let's go!" I start to run off, dragging Kuna and Miyo behind me.

"Wait, not so fast." She says. I slow down, and wait for them to catch up.

"So," I say as we walk towards the dorms, "Why don't you and your sister get along?" Miyo looks down, and I'm afraid I asked a touchy question.

"WEll, we just, um... don't." She stammers. I put on hand on her back.

"Sorry I asked about it! It must be a touchy subject, right/" She nods, and Kuna looks annoyed.

"I dislike like her very strongly!" Kuna says. "Shes rude, and extremely mean to Mistress Miyo. Kaya is foul, very foul." She shudders, and Miyo messes with her hair.

"She sure sounds foul," I say. We pass a bench, and I have to double-take it. Sleeping upon the bench was my lovely roommate. I motion Miyo and Kuna to stop, and they do.

"Chance?!" I say, running over to the bench. He stirs, and glares up at me. Hes all purple-ish under the eyes, and I can only think of one thing that would cause that.

"Oh crap." I say. "I broke it, didn't I?" I reach out to touch his nose, and he slaps me.

"Gee, who else punched me in the nose today?" He asked, rolling his eyes.

"Sorry," I say, looking down slightly. Then, I look back at Miyo and Kuna.

"Hey!" I call to them. "Come over here!" The two walk over, and I smile. Miyo is looking warily at Chance, and Kuna is still ticked.

"This," I motion to Chance, "Is my roommate, Chance." he nods slightly at them. I smile, and get a glare in return.

"Sorry," I mumble to him. Chance rolls his eyes, and I sigh.

"Anyways," I say, poking him. " These two are Miyo and Kuna. I met them in the gardens earlier." Miyo waves, and Kuna gives a "hello".

"So, we're going to one of the senior's rooms." Miyo says. I look her in surprise, but she keeps talking. "Do you wanna come along?" Chance smirks, seeing how uncomfortable I am with the idea of him joining us.

"Sure," He says, smiling slyly. I close my eyes, then open them. He hooks elbows with me, and laughs.

"So," Chance says, leaning down so that his mouth is next to my ear. "Shall we go, roommate?" He laughs again, and Miyo looks at us strangely.

"Okay, let's go!" I say. We walk like this until we get to Kyon's room. I pull his key outta my pocket, and put it in the door. I pushed the door open, and motioned for everyone else to go in.

"I'm going to have to change," I say, "But ya'll can wait on the other side of the curtain." I walk over to where my clothes were, and pick them up. Chance is following me, and I sigh. I turn and glare at him when he follows me behind the curtain.


I love bugging him. No, I'm like totally serious. And, after what he did to my nose, I think Alain deserves it. Hes glaring at me, and I hold my hands up.

"What?" I ask innocently.

"Don't 'what?' me! You know perfectly well what." Alain says, huffing impatiently. I smile.

"So, you know i'm messing with you?" I say to him. Alain rolls his eyes, and turns his back on me. He starts unbuttoning his shirt, and I walk over. I put my arms around him, and he hops, freaked out.

"What are you doing?" He asks frantically. I laugh.

"What am I doing?" I ask, letting go of him. Alain tries to take off his shirt, but I grab it before him. I twirl him around so that we're face to face.

"I believe its called payback, ro revenge, for you breaking my nose!" Alain is shocked. He closes his eyes and breathes in deeply.

"I understand you wanting revenge," He says, "But could you please do it when I'm fully dressed and not changing?!" I straighten up, and Alain grabs my ear. He drags me over to the curtain, and tosses me outside.

"Go away!" He says angrily. I shake my head and turn around to find an extremely shocked Miyo and Kuna staring at me.

"What was that?" Kuna asked. I shrug, and they both tilt their heads. I spot Alain's sword leaning against a wall.

"That," I say, picking up the sword, "was payback." The two stare at me, and I had just pulled out the sword when Kyon walked back in.

"What are you doing in my room?!" He asks pointing at me. Alain pokes his head out from behind the curtain.

I look at him, then Kyon.

"Whats going on?" Kyoka, who had walked in behind Kyon, asked. We all face here, and a chorus of "Uhhhh..." Goes through the room.

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“MI-YO!” I looked up to see Kuna running towards Miyo, looking frantic. I frowned as worry crossed my features. Something was definitely wrong.

Miyo picked her up as she got close enough. “What’s wrong?” she asked, Kuna's franticness rubbing off on me.

She took a deep breath, before looking up at Miyo with serious eyes, “I have just received word that your sister Kaya will be attending the academy as well.”

Dread made it's way onto Miyo's happy face. She seemed to be sinking away from us. “Kaya?” her voice shook slightly. “But Kaya said she wasn’t coming this year, that’s why I decided I would! Anyway, Kaya was the one who dropped me off. Why would she leave, just to come back again?”

Kaya? I wondered who that was to her and why it caused her such distress. “What's wrong Miyo?” I asked as I placed a hand on her shoulder.

Kuna shook her head. “Kaya is one of the most foulest creatures I’ve met. She finds pleasure in making people squirm, and her favourite pastime is torturing Mistress Miyo,” she hissed. Miyo was shaking beneath my hand, almost like she was unaware we were there anymore.

I pulled Miyo into a hug, startling her. "Don't worry Miyo. You have us. We will be there for you no matter what. If it'll help, I won't leave your side unless I absolutely have to. I'm sure the guys will be more than happy to protect you from her as well."

Kyon stepped with Alain at his side, "We're here for you Miyo." Alain nodded fervently.

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“I’m Alain, and you are?” the boy held his hand out to me, making sure to look straight into my eyes.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, I lightly reached out to take his hand, “Miyo…” I could tell he was staring at the symbol under my eye, but I didn’t turn away. I had been getting enough harassment over the years, what was one more person?

“Soooooo,” he said suddenly, and I get ready for what ever he was about to say. “You’re a half breed?”

“Yeah, what’s it to ya?” I glanced at him, annoyed. In my mind I was screamin ‘JUST GET IT OVER WITH!’

He grinned, “Nothing really… but that’s pretty cool, huh? Being a half breed?” He paused after that, and I realized he was probably waiting for some kind of response. Not that he was getting one. “Vampire, right?” he asked after a few seconds. I looked up at him, confused. He knew that I was a vampire half breed? Yet he still thought it was cool? Did he not understand that vampire half breeds were treated worse than the rest? “You’re a vampire half breed,” he repeated again, like I was an idiot who couldn’t hear him.

“Yeah, I am,” I said softly.

“That’s pretty cool!” Well, probably not for you, since you have to put up with all the harassment. People are so minded these days,” he shook his head and I nodded slightly. So he knew about the harassment I got? Then what did he think was so cool about it, I just didn’t get it. “Anyways,” he started again. “You’re my friend now! So we don’t have to start the school year not knowing anybody. I would introduce you to my roommate, but he’s being a butt right now,” he grinned, and I couldn’t help but smile.

He really wanted to be friends? The only other person who had said something like that to me had been Kyoka, and I wondered if either of them knew how much that meant to me. “Yeah, friends!” my smile widened.

“I gotta go get my clothes from one of the senior’s rooms, so I’ll catch you later,” he took a few steps back, getting ready to walk off. Just as he finished speaking, two people walked around the corner and I recognized one of them as Kyoka. “Kyon!” I heard Alain shout, before tackling the boy.

I vaguely heard them talking at the back of my mind, but my gaze was fixed on Kyoka. “Now way!” I chirped, making my way quickly over to her.

“Mi-chan!” Kyoka smiled, and hugged me. For a moment, I didn’t want to let go, but then I realized that would probably be a bad idea.

“You two know each other?” Alain and the boy he’d called Kyon asked at the same moment.

I smiled widely at the two of them. “Kyoka helped me with my bags,” I explained.

“And now we’re friends,” Kyoka added, and I felt a warm feeling at the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t really explain.

“MI-YO!” I looked up to see Kuna running towards me, looking frantic.

I looked at her worried, picking her up as she go close enough. “What’s wrong?” I asked, her franticness rubbing off on me.

She took a deep breath, before looking up at me with serious eyes, “I have just received word that your sister Kaya will be attending the academy as well.”

I looked at her with dread on my face. “Kaya?” my voice shook slightly. “But Kaya said she wasn’t coming this year, that’s why I decided I would!” I began to panic. “Anyway, Kaya was the one who dropped me off. Why would she leave, just to come back again?”

“What wrong Miyo?” Kyoka placed a hand on my shoulder.

Kuna shook her head. “Kaya is one of the most foulest creatures I’ve met. She finds pleasure in making people squirm, and her favourite pastime is torturing Mistress Miyo,” she hissed. I stood, trembling. No, why now? Just when I was starting to make friends?

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Kyon leaves in a huff, leading Kyoka by the hand.

"Gosh, what a moron." I say aloud, rolling my eyes. I look at the nurse, who i putting a bandage on my nose.

"You broke your nose." She says, not looking up from her work. "Just take some Advil and let it heal. You should be fine." I hop off the cot she had me sitting on.

"Yes ma'am." I say as I leave the infirmary. I head outside, and its there that my anger catches up to me. I kick the wall, and continue walking 'til I reach a bench.

"Ugh!" I shout. "He such an idiot! I can't believe he broke it! I'm gunna kill him!" I drop down onto the bench, and put my head in my hands. "Why do I, of all people, have to share a room with that freak?!" A few people walk by me, pause to see if I'm okay, and walk off. I sigh, and move onto my back. I put my hands behind my head, and look up at the clear blue sky. The clouds look like fluffy white marshmallows from way down here.

"Blue Sky, Blue Sky, you have my devotion. Blue Sky, the widest, deepest most ephemeral ocean. You set my soul sailing on pacific emotion, Your glad tide sweeps away my most plaintive notion." I quote to myself. I shut my eyes, and bask in the warm sunlight.

The chirping of birds fills my ears as I fall asleep.


I'm a couple yards away from the infirmary when I reach the gardens.

"Woah!" I whisper to myself.

I'm staring at what seems like millions of plants. There are hedges covered in roses of all different colors. Trees with flower blossoms tower over the little flowers surrounding them. There are benches set out around the garden, and a fountain in the center. You can see the reflection of the sun within the crystal blue water.

I run over to a tree and touch it's rough bark. Its shorter than most of the other ones.

"This is the perfect tree to lounge about in...." I say, looking up at one of the branches, somewhat hidden among the leaves. I transform a tiger, ball up Kyon's clothes, and climb the tree. I lay down in the classic "I'm in a tree" position, and watch people walk by. First, I see Kyoka and Kyon.

"Why were you talking to him?!" Kyon says to Kyoka.

"Well, its just that he didn't seem to like you very much." Kyoka says back. "And anyways, we should try and get to know the freshman." KYon rolls his eyes.

"Haven't I already gotten to know a freshman?!" He says. Kyon pauses under my tree, and I freeze. A sudden gust of wind comes and my tail twitches, brushing the leaves beside it. He looks up to find the source of the noise.

Kyoka says something softly, and Kyon makes a face in return.

"So," He says, "Did you sense anything?"

"Well, Chance is another shifter." She says. "Alain, on the other hand, was impossible to get a reading on. So I'm not to sure what he is."

"Okay." Kyon takes her hand, and they walk further into the garden. I laugh to myself.

"So, they can't get a reading on me?" I say to myself. "How peculiar. I could get a reading on Kyoka perfectly fine...." I spin my tail in circles, watching in amusement. A few minutes later, another person comes by. Its a girl, and from the looks of it, around my age. I stand up, stretch out, and yawn. I then change back into a human, put back on my clothes, and leap out of the tree. She screams as I land gracefully next to her.

"Hello!" I say, straightening up. She looks shocked, and I smile. "I'm Alain, you are?" I hold out my hand, and make eye contact with her.

"Miyo...." She takes my hand, shakes it, and lets go. I notice the odd gold symbol under her eye, and I tilt my head. She looks away, and tucks her short hair behind her ear. It takes me a minute, but I realize what the symbol means.

"Soooooo," I start off. "You're a half-breed?" I put my hands in my back pockets, and shift my weight over to one hip.

"Yeah, whats it to ya?" She says back, looking slightly annoyed.

"Nothing really... But that's pretty cool, huh? Being a half-breed?" I pause for another moment, waiting for a response. When I don't get one, I press one.

"Vampire, right?" I say. Miyo looks up, puzzled by what I say.

"You're a vampire halfbreed." I say bluntly.

"Yeah, I am." She says back. I smile slightly.

"Thats pretty cool! Well, probably not for you, since you have to put up with all the harassment. People are so small minded these days." She nods slightly, clearly still wondering why the heck I'm talking to her.

"Anyways," I say to her, shifting my weight again. " You're my friend now! So we don't have to start the school year not knowing anybody. I would introduce you to my roommate, but hes being a butt right now." Miyo smiles, and I grin back.

"Yeah, friends!" She says. I nod, and take a few steps back.

"I gotta go get my clothes from one of the seniors rooms, so I'll catch you later." Right as I say this Kyoka and Kyon turn the corner of the garden.

"Kyon!" I shout, tackling him. We hit the ground with a loud thud.

"Ouch! Get off of me!" I'm sitting on his chest,poking him. He pulls my hair and tries to push me off of him.

"I need to get my clothes out of your room!" I say while pulling down his hand and biting it. Suddenly he punches me across the face, knocking me off of on top of him. I reach up to touch my cheek, and he starts to speak.

"You bit me!" He says angrily while sitting up. I shrug, not caring. I open my mouth to say something back, but am interrupted by the sound of Miyo's voice.

"No way!" Miyo says. Me and Kyon look up to see Miyo bouncing over to Kyoka. Suddenly, its like she a whole new person.

"Mi-chan!" Kyoka says, finishing the distance between the two. They hug, and I look at Kyon, then back at them.

"You two know each other?" Me and Kyon ask at the same time.

THe two smile at us, and we both tilt our heads in wonder.


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"Where do you think you'll be in a few minutes?" Alain asked Kyon, tilting his head.

"I'll probably be out in the gardens with Kyoka, or something like that....." He replied. I smiled; he knew me well. The gardens were one of my favorite places to go.

"Okay!" Alain said, smiling. He brushed his bangs out of his face and walked up to me. "I'm outta here!" he said before kissing my cheek. He smiles slightly when he sees my face slightly flushed. I was sure I was turning redder by the second. I glance over at Kyon, who looks a little angry.

Alain walked over to him and has to stand on the balls of his feet to get as close to Kyon's ear as possible. Alain pulls Kyon's head down so that they were more on the same level.

"No need to get jealous, Kyon." I could just barely make out what they were saying to each other. Alain kisses Kyon on the cheek before letting him go and tosses the key at Kyon, who was probably even redder than I was. Alain just laughs like it's no big deal. I grab Kyon's hand to let him know that I was here for him.

"I'll get my clothes later." he told us. As he turns to leave, Chance enters the room. Alain takes a step back to see him glaring at him. Alain merely walked past him, towards the door. When he gets there, he turns around to see Kyon still staring at him. He winks at the two of us, causing Kyon to get even more flustered.

"Call me Allie." With that, he walked out the door. That kid was definitely strange.

"Hey!" the new kid that entered the room shouts at Kyon and I. I noticed that when Kyon and him make eye contact, their eyes narrowed as though they were threatened by each others' very presence.

"What do you want?" Kyon asks, clearly unhappy.

The kid starts to walk over, smirking softly. Kyon shifts his weight to one side as the guy approachs, and huffs.

"I don't wanna deal with you right now." Kyon says, glaring. I could only look between the two of them, for I had no idea what was going on.

"I don't care." he says back, looking up at Kyon. i decide to intervene before something gets out of hand.

"What's your name?" I asked him softly. My eyes are clear and searching his own eyes. He wasn't really a bad person, he just came off rougher around the edges.

He gave me a look. "It's Chance," he replied.

I stepped in front of Kyon, as if shielding him. "Did you come here for your nose?" I ask as I grab his hand and lead him over to one of the cots. "Kyon, could you go get the nurse?" I figured it would best to have him go get her, as I didn't want to leave the two of them alone.

Kyon nods his head and disappears down the hallway. I turn to Chance. "Mind telling me why you dislike Kyon so much? Kyon is a really good guy once you get to know him."

"Being his girlfriend and all, you can't really say any differently, can you?" he asked gruffly, looking up at me.

"Look," I say after taking a deep breath. "We don't want any trouble from you. You kind of seem like you're looking for trouble." I wanted to be honest with him, but I also wanted him to trust me. "Just calm your temper down."

"Easy for you to say," he told me, looking away.

I sighed, "You're a shifter, aren't you?" I ask, changing the topic.

He looked up in surprise. "What about it?"

"I'm one too!" I smiled at him, changing into a mirror image of himself. "See!" I say before changing back. I could sense that power in your blood. Shifters can sense each other, especially the older ones like myself."

He nods, not sure of what to say. It was then that Kyon returned with the nurse and she helped clean him up. "It was nice meeting you Chance!" I tell him as Kyon pulls me out of the infirmary and down the hall, probably to the gardens.

"What was that about?" Kyon asked me.

I shrugged. "Just getting to know the new kid."