Welcome to the Bishoujo/Bishounen Showcase!

This world is for anyone to post who they think is the hottest, coolest, baddest, strangest pretty girls or boys ever and why! We'll even have top tens, *mock* interviews with your faves, featured monthly bishies, and bishie sightings.

So come on! Talk to us and share links of your work or others featuring your favorite pretty girl or guy!

Welcome my Guest Posters and Fellow Bishie Lovers:

The Bone Snatcher

Promoting Secret Santa!

I just wanted to mention, in case you don't know, alphonse13 and MangaKid are hosting a Secret Santa here at theO. You can make a wishlist for what you want and make someone else's wish come true! Artists only though.

To find out more and join, check out the link below...

Don't Call It a Comeback...

Yes, I've been here for years but that's not the reason behind the title. It's been awhile since I have done much of anything online related to the art communities I'm with and it's now 2012, so it's time to try again.

If there are any peeps out there you would like to help me with this world (guest poster, helpful comments, constructive criticisms), all will be appreciated. I would like to know if I should even try to make this work or is this world a waste of time and no one is really interested in this stuff? Someone, help me please! Give some input so I'll know how much effort to put into this and how much it will be appreciated and welcomed by theO family.


Sideshow 1: Favorite game bishies?

Okay. While I'm waiting and hoping that more people will vote for the favs, I would like to post a mini-bishie contest for sexiest game bishies (male and/or female, good or bad).

My vote for sexiest game female goes to Mai Shiranui of SNK/Fatal Fury/King of Fighters fame.

My vote for sexiest game male goes to Jin Kazama of Tekken. I've included a vid of the Tekken 6 game with Jin (guy on motorcycle) who later goes against his sexy daddy, Kazuya (the guy he's fighting in the white suit). Enjoy and vote your faves in ths and the previous post!

Top Ten Bishies Nominations

I don't recall if theO has had one of these but another site held a bishie tournament and that's what I would like to do. So here's how it works, for the next few weeks, I would like you guys and gals to nominate bishoujo and bishounen for the top ten of all time. There will also be nominations for the best in category. The contestants will battle in tournament style until only one pretty girl and guy are chosen.

So make your nominations now for the best bishoujo and bishounen ever and watch out for the other posts on categories like sexiest villain, best maniacal laugh, best body, and more! Oh, and tell your friends to come vote too!!

What's Your Type of Bishie?

What's your favorite type of bishie? What physical characteristics attract you? Do you go for the girly guys or the tough girls? Do you seem to pick the characters no one else likes? Do you like the hero, anti-hero, villain, or emo types?