Welcome to my world that is all about my dog Aaryanna. Those of you who know me are already aware of how much I adore my dog. =3 My user namer is her name. The images of Bichon's that I use for my avatar and banners are of her.

I positively adore and love my dog so I made this world for stuff all about her. I intend to post pictures, random bits of information about Bichon's in general and even take some of the funnier ones and make lolbichon images. =P

So sit back and enjoy! You might even get a rare spotting of our cat, Alexander, too. We've had both of them since they were little so they're use to one another and have lots of fun playing together.

~All picture rights belong to: Aaryanna, Mariskah & SunfallE

Bed Hogs R Us!

Yay! I finally got my Bichon world started. ._. I've only been meaning to do this for like forever! The hardest part was finding the right image for making a banner/header for the world. I have so many pictures since I'm not the only one who takes them. >_>

Anyway! On to the first post in which I present this!

I've mentioned before that my dog is a bed hog. It doesn't matter if it's a full or queen sized bed, that tiny little ball of fluff always takes more than her share! XD Like in this picture.

This was taken when we were at Yellowstone National Park. I had a nice comforter set up for her next to my pillow since she's use to sleeping on a blanket like that on my bed. Aaryanna loooves poofy blankets.

So what did that sneak do? Every time I had to get up for any reason at all... she'd sneak over and curl up on my pillow! She'll do the same at home, move over to where I was sleeping if I need to grab a drink of water in the middle of the night.

She doesn't do it all the time, but it's funny when she does. Silly dog! =3