Welcome to Beyond the Veil, my world that I created in my books and stories. Here I will share stuff about my characters, story ideas and current projects. I hope that everyone will like peering into this hidden world within our world!

Character Profile: Yuki Renaldi

Wow, it's been a while since I did a character profile on here for any of my O.C.s, but I've been working a lot with this particular character, so I thought now would be a good time. Hopefully I get a drawing of him done soon to go with all of this

So to start, Yuki Renaldi is a Nephilim (half angel/half human), and part of the Sapphire clan. To explain, in my world of stories, there are three families of Nephilim that exist and protect against things that come over from the other side of the Veil shielding the mortal world from the spiritual one. They are the Sapphire, Violet, and Emerald clans. Hopefully that gives some insight to some of it. If anyone's interested, I'll explain more about them in another post.

Anyway, Yuki is a male Nephilim and a third generation Nephilim. He's kind of cynical by nature, and has a sister that's a year younger named Hayden (whose much more happy and outgoing). He's a loner by nature too, although a lot of that comes from the fact that Yuki has an immense, dark power within him. This ability is called "Nightmare", and basically, it consists of Yuki being able to bring about an incredible darkness and create monsters from it. He never takes this ability lightly because for a long time he had trouble controlling it, and that actually resulted in it actually killing his mother, which he carries tremendous guilt over. This ability was actually passed to him from his grandmother, who was consumed in life by darkness and corruption after a horrible childhood experience.

Yuki had considered running away when he was living with just his father and sister, but never could completely do it. He'd take off for a few days and come back. He stops doing this after meeting the rest of his family and feeling mostly accepted, although he does end up moving away from them to strike out on his own. Another big distinction that sometimes troubles him is the fact that he also isn't "straight", and though he's never been judged on it by his family, he doesn't speak much about it. However, after meeting Peyton Martell, a Nephilim from the Violet clan (with a lot of issues as well), Yuki opens up more about it and accepts himself for who he is. (For those wondering, I ended up with three of my characters being homosexual because it just fit who they were and I believe in the diversity of the world and acceptance of such things).

For appearance, Yuki looks to be in his late teens to early twenties. He has messy dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Like the rest of his family, he has a very beautiful appearance too. Like I said before, I'm eventually planning on drawing him once I can really sit down and do it because I like his design that's been in my head. He's definitely one of my favorite characters, both for appearance and back story :)

Dead of Night

Hello there! So this is a short story that takes place in between some of my books. Thought I go ahead and share it here, and hopefully you all will enjoy it. A little background first though, so that it will all make some sense for you:

This story is narrated by a girl named Faith Kent. She's sixteen in this, and was born under a cursed contract of a Fallen Angel named Saffron (fan art here). Originally, her soul was of a woman who contracted Saffron and another Fallen Angel named Jade back in the late 1920s. The two actually had a kind of rivalry, to put it very lightly, and Saffron ended up changing the contract to spite Jade and kept having the soul reborn for his own purposes after he murdered her, always following and killing her again before Jade could find her. Faith is the second to last incarnation. She's also to be the mother of his Nephilim child Ariana, although she never lives to see her daughter born. This short shows just a tiny glimpse of the twisted relationship between Faith and Saffron. It's short, but I think interesting. BTW, the song that inspired the some of their relationship is called Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rey. Just a quick little add in

Dead of Night

Darkness was always the one thing that I took comfort in, even as a young child. I didn’t really have a choice, and I was always well aware of that. After all, I was born into what can only be called a cursed existence, and it was all his fault.
Well, mostly his fault. It was my soul’s too I guess.

These were my thoughts sitting by that window and looking out at the night sky. The little town of Madison was quite, but I guess it should’ve been, considering that it was past midnight. Outside, I could see the deer grazing in the fields across from my home in the bright moonlight. The air was warm, almost sticky, and I didn’t like it one bit.

The familiar feeling of a cool presence appearing beside me brought me back to attention. “Looking at the moon again?” Saffron asked, his voice carrying the usual friendly tone. Yet, I could sense the smirk within it. That terrible smirk that was always there, masking his true nature of death and destruction.

“Not really. I couldn’t sleep, so I was looking at the deer and whatever else is out there.” I replied, not bothering to look at him. Honestly, I didn’t feel like it. Not when I knew that there was a good chance that he’d try to seduce my mind with his pretty words and piercing blue eyes.

When it came down to facts, Saffron was both my savior and the reason for my cursed existence. If I hadn’t been born with his contract in my eye from a previous life, then maybe my mother wouldn’t have been murdered, and my father wouldn’t have been a raging alcoholic for guilt of her death. If he wasn’t around, maybe I wouldn’t have carried so much blood on my hands as well.

But also, if he wasn’t around, this beautiful life probably wouldn’t have been growing inside of me either. I could hate him all I wanted, but I also couldn’t help but love him.

At my words, he moved over and sat down on the opposite end of the large window sill. As I suspected, that pleasant smile was still sitting on his handsome face, and his blue eyes seemed to almost glow in the darkness of the room, which was only lit by the moonlight. “You do realize that you don’t fool me darling. When you claim that you cannot sleep, then it is often because you actually feel regret in the small piece of your heart that I haven’t been able to touch.” He said.

“I’m not like you, even if I do bad things. Besides, it’s not like you don’t influence it. You’ve been doing that since I was a little girl.” I countered, remaining still with my right hand draped over my belly.

Saffron just smiled back at me, as always. “Perhaps so, but you are also the one to make your choices. I simply suggest them; I do not tell you to do so. Besides, I’d think that you’ve enjoyed the last few years of your life. You’ve gotten to do things that some could only wish they could get away with.” He said.

“You’re twisting things around again. I never said I enjoyed what we’ve done.” I said.

“Of course you did. You’ve enjoyed the power that I’ve given you, even when you were so young and couldn’t take any more of that woman.”

I turned away again, feeling the slight sting of bile in my throat as he said that. He was right. I was a sinner by my own choice, and had been since I was a young girl. But of course, back then, I probably hadn’t stood a chance either. It wasn’t like my parents were that good of people either. They were high class and had a lot of money, but from the time I could remember, they never really had a good marriage. I was more of a burden to my beautiful yet selfish mother, and she never hesitated on hitting me or hurling insults at me. Of course, this backfired on her at times too, because Saffron would in turn have something happen to her every time she did such things, even when I was a baby. I’d dare say that he was fond of me even then for some strange reason.

But also, within that fondness, there was the darker side as well. Although Saffron was my friend from the shadows, he also was an influence. As I said before, he was the reason that my mother died. For several days before, he’d been sweet talking to me about her, telling me how it would be better if she was gone and unable to do any more to me. He could take care of it. All I had to do was order it.

And eventually, I did.

My mother’s death was made to look like a murder when he killed her. Someone had broken into the house and raped and stabbed her. Of course, this wasn’t exactly the case. Saffron had done that. I was only five, but I did see the body, and I can say that I understood at that moment just what he was capable of. Yet, I can’t say that I ever feared him. Instead, there was that certain empowerment that he’d given me. The world was cruel and nasty, and he was going to allow me to be cruel and nasty back.

Of course, all of this had allowed me to bend to his will too. I was well aware of that, even as I sat there thinking of the child growing within me. Even this was part of the design that he’d placed in motion, as he so liked to put it. Because of who I was, and the soul that I had, I wouldn’t be able to live very long. After all, there was another fallen angel after me; one just like him. And if he caught me, he would take me away and devour my soul for himself. Allowing Saffron to take my life and soul again would ensure that my existence wouldn’t end. But also, because I was so special to him, he wanted us to leave a reminder of this life of mine. This child, a baby girl, would be the mark of our strange, dark love in this world, even though I would never see her born.

Saffron seemed to sense my train of thought. “You do realize that nothing that is done can be undone. But I wouldn’t think that you’d regret anything either.” He said.

“Not really. But I do wish that I could see her, even just once. It’s not fair you know. Why do the moms of these kinds of kids have to die when they’re born? You said that there are types of them now that don’t.” I said.

“There are, but they are born to the so called righteous ones; the ones who cannot see that they aren’t much different from us. But I would think that you would be grateful for my gift of her as well. All of those times of allowing your body to be used by me and those victims actually has meaning now.” Saffron commented.

I felt myself scowl then. “Stop talking like it was all me. You were the one who enjoyed killing them afterwards. Besides, I don’t know if I like you being the only one with her. Maybe I want her to have a better chance in this world then I did.”

Saffron just chuckled. “Of course she will. She’ll have me.” He said. With that, he leaned over to look me in the eyes. I stared back into his blue ones, feeling my heart beating a little bit harder. “You have never been useless to me, and I can say that you actually do mean something within my existence. However, you and I both know that this fantasy must end, and for that, the seeds have been planted. I will make sure that our daughter has all of the protection she needs until the promised time comes.”

The promised time. Even sitting there, I knew what he spoke of. There would come a day when the children like ours would be able to live freely and without fear of the Heavens hunting them down. This was Saffron’s ultimate goal in his existence, along with control over them. Did I think that he could accomplish such a thing? I wasn’t sure. Saffron had proven so many times to me that he was incredibly smart and tough, yet it always felt like another thing entirely to me to defy the Heavens. But wasn’t that just like a Fallen Angel?

Perhaps so.

Either way, I was left with a rather empty feeling that night as I finally laid myself down in the bed and tried to rest. Very soon, I would die, and my daughter’s life would truly begin in this world. I can’t say that I carried any real regrets for having her. I just wished that I could’ve been there longer to see her. Maybe I could’ve made up for all of the bad that I’d done along with him. But the past is the past in the end, and no one can change it. And even though I knew that he was going to move my soul on to my next cursed life, there would come a time when I would be turned away from paradise for never repenting on all that I’d done.

Yet, even as I closed my eyes, I felt like I never would’ve changed that either. I loved Saffron, and would always do anything for him.

Even die.

Saffron the Fallen Angel

So I had entered a drawing of Saffron into the Fallen Angels challenge, and beings I did, I thought that maybe I’d go ahead and add in about him here. He’s actually an interesting, multi layered character, and was one of my first that I came up with nearly ten years ago (OMG, it’s really been that long???) Anyway, I do have him in my amazon book series The Beautiful Fallen as a main character, and I wanted to talk about him here now. Hopefully there won’t be spoilers for the books…

Saffron was once an angel under the Blue Flame in the Heavens (different flames are supposed to represent different things such as protection, love, peace, ect…) However, for reasons unknown to any, he entered into a plot with another angel named Jade to try and overthrow the higher angels. They were going to combine their powers through a special, forbidden angelic connection, but were caught and thrown out. Even though this happened, they will remained connected for all time anyway, and it actually makes them stronger than your average Fallen too. Basically, they became kind of terrors in their new existence, but tended to butt heads a lot, especially over Jade’s strange affections for a human woman’s soul. This actually leads to Saffron betraying Jade with a contract that the two eventually made with this soul, and he steals her, having her reborn over and over again every time Jade gets too close to finding her. I know that might not make a lot of sense, so let’s just say that every time Jade managed to get close to finding the soul again after it’s been reborn, Saffron kills her and has it happen again.

This pattern went on for decades, but Saffron ended up changing when he fell in love with one of the reincarnations. Although he knows he has to kill her to keep her away from Jade, he wants to keep a part of her forever connected to him, so he has a Nephilim child with her. Knowing that the child will kill her when she gives birth (mothers of Nephilim children from Fallen Angels always die during the birth), he kills her and hides the baby girl. This girl will become one of the main players in the salvation of her kind later and in Saffron’s full plans too.

As for personality, Saffron’s pretty complex. Actually, I like to think that he would be someone’s worst nightmare. He always wearing a friendly smile, although it is said that the more he smiles at someone, the more he hates them. The only exception to this rule is his daughter. He’s always planning his next move too, and rarely ever gets caught off guard. His favorite trick is controlling shadows, and he can do just about anything with them, from hiding within them to using them as weapons to kill his enemies. Like all Fallen Angels, he has bat like wings, although they eventually turn featherlike again after the events with his daughter and saving her kind. He also has incredibly blue eyes, and many recognize him from that alone.

And so, that’s the basics about Saffron, hopefully without giving too much away about him in the books. Hope everyone likes his picture and knowing a little bit more about him!

Ideas, ideas....

just something beautiful for all to see

Yep, it's been a while since I've put anything here, but sometimes it's tough to come up with what I should talk about. Actually, it just seems like there's a bunch of stuff that I could and I just can't decide (haha). But seriously, I've been working on my current book, and tossing around an idea for another, possibly a novella (a book that's considered shorter then the average novel, just to explain the term if you haven't heard it ). Well, my idea is actually going a little bit out of my comfort zone of writing though, beings I'm not making it fantasy like my other stuff. I've found that I'm good at writing fantasy type stuff, but when it comes to real life, sometimes I really struggle. But I think that I'd really like to write a love story too, one that would be in our normal world. Don't really want a tragic ending though. Seen too many of them. Maybe I could come up with something good...

Anyway, thanks for reading my little muses and thoughts, and thank you all for keeping up with me in my worlds. Talk to you soon!

Character Profile - Kira Martell

So I thought that I would talk about Kira Martell a little bit, considering that I did do a fan art of her and all. There was the question of why she looked so sad. Well, Kira's had a rough life so to speak. She's actually a character that's very near to my heart, although she's been through some heartache herself.

Kira is a Nephilim, meaning that she is half human, half angel. She comes from a small family that was created by a Seraph named Kinsley. Her family came about as one of three that protect the mortal world from the unseen world, or world beyond the Veil. She's the only female in her family of five, and is very kind and very intelligent. But a lapse in judgment turned out to be a big mistake. She befriended a creature called a Lamia. They are demons of the water, and there are males and females. This male Lamia became obsessed with her, and eventually attacked her, even getting her pregnant. Her child, whom she names Peyton, is half angel, half Lamia, and very unique. Thankfully, he's very gentle and caring by nature too, although he's somewhat conflicted about his heritage and where he came from. But Kira genuinely loves her son, and doesn't hesitate to comfort him and tell him so.

Yes, I know this sounds dark and all, but it's all part of the story, and Kira does find happiness when she meets another Nephilim named Zane Hedel. She eventually falls in love with him, and they make a good life together. So basically, even though she carries some sadness for what happened in the past, she's been able to move on as well.

I've touched on her, Peyton, and Zane in my books, but haven't really told the whole story yet. Maybe I will someday. Anyway, I do love her and how strong she really is, and I have enjoyed being able to tell more about her here