Hello! Your princess is totally not in another castle, dude!~ ;D *brick'd* Hey, I could use that for ideas! 8D *picks up brick*
Lame videogame references aside, this is my personal world. For updates and getting to know the chick behind the username!^_^
Yes. I named the world after that videogame! XD

Halloween Cosplay~

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone's having a good time! I know I did. I had sweets pretty much all day long and cosplayed to school. XD It's awesome to have anime friends. I managed to educate the public on the awesomeness of Soul Eater.

This is my cosplay~ :) I made it myself. I'll have to redo the boots because Halloween pretty much beat the hell out of them. And my hair... It's all worth climbing damp hills for bags of delicious candy. BD Our neighborhood gives out the most and the best candy. One dude even knew I was cosplaying. XD He called me out on being a meister. It was such a happy moment. I met up with my other cosplaying friends. X) Yep. Today was definitely epic.

The Choices We Make (9/11 Poem)

What do you do?
What's next when your whole world comes crashing down around you?
Are you frozen in fear, the only action available to watch?
Are you frantically searching for a way to make things right?
Do you comfort those around you? The ones that are in a worse state of shock than you are?
What happens when you lose someone you love?
When it all comes down, what are you to do?
Will you be broken?
Or have the courage to shout against tyranny?
Bond together against the forces of evil?
This would be the choice of true Americans.
Remember the moments of serenity.
Keep hope that some day everything will be just the way it should be.
Don't show signs of weakness.
Let them all hear the shouts of the people of
The land of the Free, and the home of the Brave

For my hero, and the friend I'll never see again

Happy Birthday To Me!~

Today, I am 14 years old! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! :D The party was awesome! All my bestest friends were there and the party went on longer than planned. XD Pink Friday was a complete success. I now own the CD. It was approved by mom, so I can listen to it. BD I'm now chilling at the Death the Kid afterparty. Did I mention that I love Nicki Minaj? :) Lol. I lost 2 balloons at the party. It was bad at first, because only one flew off so I was stuck with an odd number of balloons. I had a Death the Kid fit when my mom asked if I would be okay with it being unsymmetrical. I even said my whole Pink Friday party would be ruined. XD The other one flew off later, and I was a bit sad but also relieved. I had fun with my guests, especially Beatrix. We swam around in the pool and she asked me which 5 anime characters from different series that I would rape. XD I was totally stuck on Death the Kid and said something about riding him. Twas hilarious. I got scared about going to the deep end of the pool until I got an inner tube and had some cake. It's hard to panic when you have good cake. I think my mom's former student did a good job~ I was very pleased with the cake. XD People kept eating the city part. Everything was pink, even the balloons her student provided. Beatrix went about poking everyone's with a fork, until I popped hers. Taylor is so magic that she can pop one without a fork. There were lots of perverted jokes made and plenty of fun had. I'm going to miss these people and the wonderful anime club I have here when I go on vacation. I can't promise that I'll have internet, because I didn't the last time. I'll just have to hope for it!~ Goodbye for now!

For Super Coolness....

I have decided that this will be the design for my birthday cake. BD

The random Death the Kid in the corner is courtesy of Kacy. It is so unsymmetrical.

How's This For A Surprise, GMS? ;D

I got a new hairstyle today~ It looks like this:

Yep. I think it's awesome. BD Think my school will be surprised?
My friends already know about it, though. XD Taylor thinks I look like someone glued bad cotton candy to my hair.