...Um Hello. ^-^"

Well...it's a bit improper to just talk without having no idea who I am. I'm Bells-Chan. Some other people call me Yuki Chan ^-^ My Onee-Chan (Ace of Hartsu) made me an account during media class hehe on the last day of school before winter break. :D

I'm shy and I don't talk much since I'm usually alone with my buddy Mr.Lappy the Top XD But when I go to school I manage to get through the day with my friends Ace of Hartsu, and Ace of Hearts. By the way they're amazing artists so you should go and subscribe to them :)

I'm short yet I still get along with my peers...because strangely they want to be my height hehe :3 I feel special now. Im crossing my fingers to get a Tablet for Christmas so I can start creating fan art for you guys to see (And i know i have to get adjusted to it)

I dont have much OC's because i cant think of any so thats something people can help me out with ;3 Well it was nice for you read. I'll be writing more (if i find something to write about) Bye byes :)