This has got to be the biggest Draco in Leather Pants I've come across in a while. THESE FUCKING FUWA SHOU FANGIRLS ARE PISSING ME OFF! I mean, I could understand if you're the type who just likes asshole-y characters, since I can be like that too, but a lot of these girls don't even seem to realize that he's a BLATANTLY HUGE ASSHOLE. Who the fuck cares if he does ostensibly romantic things if he has ASSHOLE-ISH INTENTIONS BEHIND EVERYTHING HE DOES??? FFFFFFFFFFFFF

I mean, yeah, I can understand his charms: he's amusing, he's hot, blah blah blah. Even I was really interested in him when watching the Skip Beat! anime, but that's largely because he's entertaining to watch and everyone kept saying he "gets better" later in the manga. BUT THE BITCHES LIED. He hasn't matured AT ALL. Not a single ounce of maturity gained!! He's more self-aware, sure, but that doesn't mean he isn't still a selfish little bitch. I was skeptical throughout the Vie Ghoul arc, but the recent Valentine's arc confirmed it for me: even the manga-ka herself has made it VERY VERY clear that Sho is still an immature, selfish brat who does NOT deserve to be in a relationship with Kyoko.

How can anyone argue that the way he treats Kyoko is in any way romantic? Sure, during the Vie Ghoul arc, he spouted some good shit about wanting to protect Kyoko, etc. etc. But in the end, it's ALWAYS about him. Even if he leaves Kyoko in emotional shambles, that's a-okay for Sho as long as Kyoko is still "obsessed" with him and she "plays into his hands." HOW CAN ANYONE CALL THAT LOVE? That's SELFISHNESS, period. Love means actually caring about the feelings and well-being of the other person. If Sho REALLY cared, he would back the fuck off and mature a little before even attempting to screw with Kyoko's emotions. But he doesn't because he's A SELFISH LITTLE BITCH.

GOD, THIS PAIRING IS EVEN MORE UN-ROMANTIC THAN SHINRA/CELTY. Which I'm fine with because the manga-ka is CLEARLY ROOTING FOR KYOKO/REN. But all these fangirls keep screaming, "Fuwa Sho is getting more and more likable!" WHEN HE ISN'T AT ALL.

And the most AMAZING thing I've seen is the argument that Sho "does more to attract Kyoko's attention than Ren does." Umm yeah, that's because Sho is COMPLETELY INCONSIDERATE OF HER FEELINGS. So he feels perfectly fine just foisting shit on her, including actions that could be considered sexual assault, when she just wants him to go the hell away. Being a forceful, inconsiderate bastard =/= passionate lover. FUCK. And Ren constantly holds himself back precisely because he's overly-considerate of Kyoko's feelings. Because he actually gives two shits about her and isn't completely egotistical. That some people think Sho "deserves" her more is just astonishing. What the fuck on a stick.

And I would actually respond to these people's message board posts, except I JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE REGISTERING, DAMN IT. So I've opted to release all my anti-Sho rage here, in hopes that it will SPREAD throughout the Internet like a DISEASE. A disease for which the only cure is the official canonization of the Kyoko/Ren pairing! O HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO [/3AM rant]

To end this on a good note, here's Ren looking fabulous: