Hey Guys here is a world that will show every birthday Picture i do for you guys..The Birthday Picture will be a Dedication as well since its drawn for that Exact member...

And every Dedication i get from you Guys will also be on this site..That means your Drawing can get twice as much Feedback as usual..This site will update depends on my Pm inbox..

Artists I really Admire..: (Friends and Non Friends)

just.me Mercury Dragon
innocent heart Brunette Kakashi Lover7573 spawnjin Wowie animae Bluesen12 Iruka Sensei lutaru

Working Progress: Art trade/Request


Drawing: Black Butler

Dedication from Klassic

Today Klassic One of my new awesome friends made this wonderful Wallpaper for me

Please Support her on the wallpaper and not me..I really want her to get all the feedback she deserve and all the other people that dedicate something to me..Here is a direct link to Klassic's wallpaper....Thank you so much for this..It feels like my birthday

Dedication from Yuko9kost

Hey guys..Here is a dedication from Yuko9kost Thank you so much for this..I really appreciate it..I'm busy with a new drawing now so i will dedicate it to you..Please comment on Yuko9kost's drawing please guys here it the link Sakura

Dedication from VampireBride.

Aww thank you so much for the Dedication vampireBride you're so sweet..

Please Guys support here and do not commet here..^^Heres a link to her wallpaper..A single rose

Thanks for the Dedication alphonse13

Hey Everyone..Ive met so many new friends here at theO and for the 6 years ive been a member of this site i'm enjoying every moment of it..

Here is a new friend (alphonse13) who dedicated a beautiful Card to me..

And here is her card she dedicated to me to be {Something} Thanks again for this beautiful Card..^^

Dedication from Miracle Star19

Here is a drawing one of my friends here on theO drew for me..Please support her drawing guys with feedback..^^ Thanks guys..

External Image[/IMG]

Please do not comment here..Here is the link to Miracle Star19's drawing