Sup people i made this world for 2 reasons. 1) i have very little emotion. But i do like music it helps me express myself. I need you to help me ( you dont have to but much obliged if you do)find some new music. it dosent matter if its Japanese or Americana or anything else. it can be funny or make me cry. unlikely that i'll cry though. 2)i'd like to hear and share the music yall like.
well yea just ask i'll make you a guest poster.Really i will.
but there are rules.
1) Please make sure your youtube vids are good sound quality. i dont mind a little distortion but when its heavy it makes me be like " damn!! i wanna through up!!"
2)post ANYTHING. i mean it. even if it is the nasteiest song about sex and drugs or sadness and depression. if thats how you feel post it. even if you want to post your problems along with a song go ahead you are welcome to.
3) if you are going to comment on someones music its is ok to say you do not prefer that type of music. but do not judge someones music. i will have non of that shit. that makes me angry. if you music is judged with extreme negativity. please tell me and that person will get a warning. 3 warnings and you are suspended from my world for one month.
4)do what you feel. thats it.

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