Hello and welcome to the Batou fangirls club a blog all about Batou from the podcast if you want to join as a guest poster please pm me with the subject line Batou fangirls club.

Brief Bio on Batou
Physics student
Rides a Motorcycles
Anime Fan
Co-host 2 podcast
The perfect guy

Happy Birthday Batou

So I feel like a bad fangirl but with getting sick and college I forgot that Saturday it was Batou's birthday I feel really bad but I wish you a happy birthday Batou.

Dear God

Who knew one statement made by Batou would have such a impact on theOtaku. I didn't but I guess thats the power of a podcaster. I wonder what is Batou going to say about all the Adam silly picutres on the next podcast. I know I too had a part in it but I really had no idea it was going to get as far as it did.

Will be posting more and more

Ok after my summer break from posting (my bad) I will post more and more hopefully and will put more work to it. For today OMG Batou is doing a solo show this week which is always good and does a great job if you ask me!!! Well thats all for now.

Here is you Batou picture of the week!!!

External Image

Batou and me

Me and Batou at the Masquerade Ball at AX!!!!!!!!

ok ok

I think I am going to be change the Batou fansite and make it more of a Anime-Pulse fan page for fans to post there Anime-Pulse love that way I can have more updated news and information on the AP crew what do you people's think???.